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Site News - Lumia 810 has arrived at the Windows Phone Central Forums

Today T-Mobile announced the Lumia 810, a version of the Lumia 820 that'll be heading to the US carrier. While many would simply assume it's a mere codename alteration, don't be fooled into thinking the same. The Lumia 810 does sport some differentiations that space the device out from AT&T's second Lumia Windows Phone 8 offering.

Because the Lumia 810 is set to arrive in a matter of weeks, we figured it would be a perfect opportunity for discussion to spark. A forum has been designated for threads to be created that cover the new Windows Phone.

Be sure to head on over to the Windows Phone Central Forum to engage with other Windows Phone fans and developers. 

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Que Bella!
  • Can't wait to actually see it in the store and compare it to the HTC 8X.
  • Why? This isn't xda-dev. Posts on those forums are thin and far apart. I think you guys should consolidate all the similar devices forums together.
  • We will be looking to compact forums together tighter in the near future, but we'll always cater for every reader. It's better to have each device covered than a general place for all discussion to be published. That would make browsing threads rather difficult, which would put a higher emphasis on searching.
  • This could be very well be my next phone. Hope the retail price is under $450
  • thank you wpcentral  best WP site on the internet
  • Maybe we TMobile customers may just get real lucky and get an "exclusive" to a Lumia 910?  Wishful thinking.  But a person can dream....
  • I doubt it since they probably would have announced them both on the same day like AT&T did. The saving grace would be if both Verizon and T-Mobile will get a 920 variant and Nokia will announce both of those at the same time, but I doubt that too. More than likely, Verizon will just get their 822 or whatever and that'll be the end of the Lumia range this year. Sprint?  Maybe something next Spring.
  • "The saving grace would be if both Verizon and T-Mobile will get a 920 variant and Nokia will announce both of those at the same time..."
    I'm still going to hold out for hope that this will be the case.  If not, then I'll just have to break down and get the 810.  Darn.
  • i wish tmobile would get a 910 also i mean you wait and all the goodies you hear about the pureview and the hd screen. i am a tech guy and when my friends pull out their phones and i pull out my htc radar i am kinda embarrased and now that a great phone comes out we get the little brother version. wow really tmobile even with the android they have the gs3. why not the nokia 910
  • The question is, can you swap out the covers between the 820 and the 810? If the dimensions are different then you won't be able to right? I'm curious as to why they appear to have ditched color with this phone.
  • The 810 will have it's on back covers in all the same colors as the 820.
  • wtg, wpcentral.  i hope verizon's 822 means same design higher screen res, which would be a killer!!
  • can't interchange accessories with 820 then :(
  • Other than the colored back, what else would you be interchanging?
  • Looks like 7 different colors like the L820

  • The display looks smaller in the 810. That's why the buttons are positioned differently at the bottom of the phone.
  • May look smaller but it's still 4.3in just like the 820.
  • Will still choose 8x. Everything that many complained for is in it, aside for the no sd card. Plus it's thinner, same quality or better camera, amplified speaker, better ffc, compact unibody design. HTC support, well never need them. Had phone issue, tmo replace. Got all updates from MS and HTC, besides tango. Nokia exclusive apps, not a big deal. Everything needed is in the MS store or built in the phone.
  • I'm probably going with the 8X as well but I still want to test out both phones side by side before making a final decision.  Then theres's still the posibility of the Ativ S coming to T-Mobile.  Everytime I see someone with a Galaxy S III with one of those flip covers I just want it. lol
  • no way, the 8X is so large compare to this, and i believe it is a tad thicker too.  You can not use the phone with gloves on in the winter outside, you cannot have a replacement battery, no expandable memory, no wireless charge.. speaker on a phone.. are you kidding me? are you going to listen to music using it's speakers.. like where, at your party?
    the upside for 8X is the screen, and design arguably compare to 810, however, it is a L920 wanna be, with worse screen, worse camera, worse battery, worse storage... i mean, worse everything.
    trust me, Nokia Apps and support will go a long way.  After two major softwarea updates, I am still getting updates for my 2 year old N8, which is on an abandoned platform.  so, imaging what Nokia will do for WP8.
    it is the commitments that counts, not some half hearted manufacture with stolen design...
  • I do not think 8x is thicker than 810. I also don't think puremotion is found in 810 either. Replace battery, who carries extra battery around? 16 gig should be plenty for many. Learn to use cloud. Its the future of storage. Wireless charge more or less a perk. No big deal. It just extra dough on has to shell out. Speaker is important and very useful in certain situations. If it's loud, party be fine. I don't see anything 8x worse than L920 but 8x is better than 810, way better. Support, lolzzz! Saved for last. Nokia in dump. Can't afford mistakes. First wave of Lumia met with defects. Gotta have that support. Defects were software related. Many happy with htc. Never heard of software issues related to their wp7. And with tmo if have warranty, replace phone if broken. Sure support is good but if not needed, not needed and Nokia has to have it or else. My HD7 got all HTC updates so what you talking about. Exclusive apps, does Nokia have a wells Fargo app?
  • it looks like the 8x is thinner, but evething else you say is way too subjective.  I understand your frustration, it is ok.  Hope you enjoy your 8X.  but still, how a speaker on the phone is useful in "certain" situations...
  • Meh. No one will care  what wp8 phone you will buy anyway. Also you should compare 8x to 920 since 920 is nokia's wp8 flagship and not the 820.
    I find it funny that you will use the loudspeaker for a party? Right cellphone speaker for partying, plain genius.
  • i agree the 920 better than the 8x, but we are not talking about the 920 we are talking about a variant of the 820 which has same screen resolution as the 710. yeah it is wp8 but not a lot of improvements from the 710 outside of s4 snapdragon
  • Hopefully I will enjoy 8x as I did with HD7. Wish still have it as it is a relic to me. Also will miss the kickstand. Some of my views subjective and some are not. Either way I just see more benefits from x8. The screen, speaker, and cam is what captured my attention most.
  • I have an HD7 and have been with TMo for 20 years (when they were Voicestream). I'm happy with them and don't plan to change my carrier to get the 920, which I seriously want, because of its superior camera. However since I won't be changing my carrier I will go with the HTC 8X. I have had several HTC phones over the years and have been very happy with them. This is a huge FAIL by Nokia for me because these exclusive agreements is keeping their best phone out of the hands of many who want that phone...
  • I've enjoyed every HTC phone I had (x3), especially the HD7. Regarding Nokia, rumor from wimpoweruser states MS helping subsidize 8x to be on all carriers. L920 ATT subsidize. That's why I believe they got exclusive. Sad because this indicates carriers still weary a about WP, if rumors prove true.
  • I like Nokia devices because of its attention to customers and exclusiveness in apps. But the 920 is the flasgship phone I really want but if not thn more than likely I will go for the x8, but I really need to compare both before a final decision is made.
  • wow, this one is more beautiful than the 920 and 820 lol....... I want the 810
  • Want
  • Well, I'm done with T-mo if they don't get the Lumia 920.. If I'm going to have a windows phone, then I want the best..
  • fully agree and i went into an att store and the family share plans are on par with tmobile price wise