Sky reportedly in talks with Microsoft to sell Xbox One as set-top box

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB - or Sky for short) is reportedly in talks with Microsoft to stock the next generation video game console as a set-top box. You heard correctly. Not as a gaming device, but an actual set-top box. The Xbox One has been highlighted as being more integrated with rich media beyond gaming, which is something Sky could definitely look to take advantage of.

Sources familiar with company plans have informed games industry magazine MCV that the box could include a Sky satellite tuner or act as a video recorder in the future, but we'll also follow suit and suspect only the latter is more probable. The subscription from Sky could well be centred around an Xbox One and pre-installed Now TV or Sky Go application. Couple this with SmartGlass support and you've got a winner.

Pricing details have not been revealed, but we imagine the price of the console would be offset by a contract fee, much like what's presently available with smartphones. It would certainly provide a cheaper alternative to purchasing an Xbox One, as well as enabling owners to check out the latest content through your Sky package. With the quick access between live TV and other apps and games, it'll be interesting to see how Sky will connect to the Xbox and if the company could offer more than just an app.

Sky and Microsoft have been working together for a number of years with options available for consumers to enjoy content on the Xbox 360. Why would someone wish to have an Xbox One with their Sky subscription? Should you live in a building that does not (or simply can't install) have a satellite dish, this is the perfect opportunity to access content that would not otherwise be available.

We'll be on the floor at E3 and will be sure to find out as much as possible. 

Source: MCV, via: Pocket-lint

Rich Edmonds
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