Skylake-powered Dell XPS 15 snags bug-fixing BIOS update

If you've got your hands on a Dell XPS 15 (9550) with an Intel Skylake chip and InfinityEdge display, you may want to check for a fresh BIOS update. Dell recently started pushing the latest in a line of BIOS updates to the laptop with various fixes and enhancements. Here's the breakdown of what's fixed in BIOS version 01.01.19 for the Dell XPS 15 (9550):

  • Fix DELL BME Dock issues
  • Fix ePSA Pre-boot system assessment error with NVMe device
  • Update PXE ROM Version
  • Please ensure Audio driver is v7628 or later before flashing BIOS (Audio sound may have distortion)

In addition, Dell has begun pushing a new version of its Dell Update application to all Dell PCs with a few minor fixes. Here's a (rather generic) look at what's new in Dell Update version 1.8.1114.0:

  • Fixed Minor issues
  • Improved performance.
  • Expanded compatibility.

Hopefully the fixes and improvements help to quash any nagging hiccups that users are experiencing. And if you happen to be using the new Dell XPS 15 with InfinityEdge display, let us know what your impressions are in the comments below.