Glow Arkanoid

The Windows Phone title Glow Arkanoid is currently available for free on the store, thanks to a partnership with MyAppFree. The game puts you in control of a paddle, much like Breakout, and you're tasked with destroying the glowing blocks. Multiple balls are included in the gameplay to really make thing interesting and gesture or motion sensor controls can be utilised.

From the developer who brought us HexaLines for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, players are able to enjoy Arkanoid in space. Each level is slightly different when played, with a tutorial to boot if you're just starting out. Once you've got some matches under your belt, be sure to get involved with the leaderboards to see where you stand against other players.

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Glow Arkanoid

If you're interested in keeping on top of what's being made free on the store, be sure to check out MyAppFree (right QR code). You can download Glow Arkanoid from the Windows Phone Store for free (available for Windows Phone 7 and 8 - free for August 23rd).

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