Snag a free copy of fanband from the Windows Store through the Fanshare Promotion

fanband is a fantastic app available in the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Store for customizing your Microsoft Band. The app is constantly being updated with new themes and the developer, Scott Peterson, is always receptive to new ideas for themes.

Both the Band and the fanband app have been so popular that, along with the Windows Phone support, the Windows app now supports both iPhone and Android platforms, via Bluetooth from the Desktop. fanband is regularly priced at $1.99 and to celebrate the rise in popularity, the developer is giving away free, full versions of fanband from the Windows 10 Store.

Here is how the promotion will work.

  • Go to the support link in the Windows version of fanband
  • Shoot the developer an email. Tell him about who in your life has a Microsoft Band, who is also using an iPhone or Android device and is in desperate need of fanband.

The first twenty-five people who send in the email will immediately get a link sent to them for the full version of fanband from the Windows Store.

fanband for Windows 10

Keep in mind that not only does the Windows Store version of fanband support iPhone and Android devices, but it also has these cool additional features, not found in the Windows Phone version:

  • A Custom Theme Designer: Create a Band Theme entirely from scratch, and add images, icons, text, etc. You also have full control over accent colors.
  • View Microsoft Health Summaries: Easily view Calories, Steps, Heart Rate, etc. from the last 8, 12, 16 or 24 hours in an easy graph using up to the second synchronized data from your Microsoft Health account.
  • Search all 1100+ themes and preview all the themes before selection.

We think fanband is a must have for anyone with a Microsoft Band and now is your chance at getting a free copy of the Windows version of the app.

QR: fanband

George Ponder

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