Snapdragon's graphics get showed off (Video)

Having to live with Qualcomm's MSM series of chipsets for so long, it's nice to see the next-gen series (Snapdragon) finally strut its stuff. To refresh your memory, basically these systems are running 1ghz processors, can do HD graphics (720p), "day-long battery life" and have more advanced GPS and wireless connetivity (read more here)

Though we've seen it running that ho-hum custom Today screen on the Toshiba TG01, it seems that at MWC a few weeks ago a much more in-depth graphics demo was given.  We have to say, it's looking very promising so far.

Basically, from a non-technical perspective, it looks like we'll be having Sony PSP-level graphics on our super-thin (10mm) WinMo phones in late 2009/2010, which we're really stoked about. Advanced lighting, shading & translucency? Yes please.

Check out the 3 min demonstration of Qualcomm's Snapdragon after the jump! You don't wanna miss.

Mobilna Technologia [via]

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  • Sorry, after all the 3D driver problems that Qualcomm has given us, I'm going to go for the Tegra.
  • I agree with Matt.
    Can't trust Qualcomm until they prove they care about what the customer wants.
  • wow i was going to leave the same comment
    its just bad experience
    why deal with a company that faces legal issues especially with devices that are imported to the US
    i am hoping the Tegra will do good so we can have some competition
  • netbooks are getting so small there just so annoying to use - might as well use ur phone - gotta be decent sized
  • I wouldn't touch another Qualcomm device with a ten foot pole after my experiences with my last three HTC (Apache, Mogul, Touch Pro) phones. I'm so fed up I REFUSE to purchase another Windows Mobile device unless it's powered by Tegra, and I hope the major carriers in the US are listening. Three strikes Qualcomm you're out... and HTC better choose their supplies more carefully or else I'll X them also... if not for their design and software innovations.
  • and you hope the carriers are listening despite HTC's continued growth with qualcomm?
  • Well good luck kids. Qualcomm's chips will still be adopted by many companies.
  • I would even say that they are (and will be) used in most WM phones so you'll have hard time deciding what to get when all of them will be powered by qualcomm... Besides tegra is just a joke when you compare their CPU's.
    600mhz arm11 vs 1Ghz ARMv7 (for those that don't know ARMv7 is what cortex A8 is made of). Now who will say that 1GHz is an overkill and that 600mhz arm11 is enough :-] ?
  • What's the point of having ground-breaking hardware acceleration that only around three programs can use? I have a Touch HD and it's a lot slower than my old Loox 720 even though it could and should be far faster. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... Unlikely to go for HTC again either since they break their devices and don't care when standard 3rd party software won't work on them. Roll on decent competition so that both Qualcomm and HTC can disappear.