Status update and sneak peek at the new Windows Central App for Windows 10

Ever since Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile started hitting people's PCs, tablets and phones we have been asked about an updated Windows Central application. On more than one occasion, I have been also said that we expected the app to come into the coming weeks, which stretched on longer than anticipated.

Luckily, we are finally nearing the open public beta testing period of our new app, so I figured we would give an update on the status and a quick look at what to expect!

First up are some screenshots with the first ones being for Windows 10 Mobile.

In the gallery below you can peek at the app for Windows 10 desktop, which is the same as the mobile app but scaled up.

Windows Central App FAQ

Now we can tackle some questions you likely have about the upcoming Windows Central App!

Will the app be free and/or have ads?

Our new app will be free and launch 100% ad-free with no stipulations. Between paying for the app's development, the loss of ad-revenue, and our giving away of the app we will be losing money on this project.

How can I sign up to be a beta tester?

You don't. The app will be listed openly in the Store, and anyone can download it as it will be an open beta, near-final version of the app. We'll have more details when we announce it properly including where to leave feedback.

Will it be a Universal Windows app (UWP)?

Yes, it will be available on day one for PCs, tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile for your phone and is a true Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app

Does it support Continuum?

Yes, it does.

What happens to the old app?

Nothing. It will stay on the store as a free version for legacy 8.1 users. The new app will get a new link and store listing.

What features will it have?

We were aiming for app parity with our older app. That includes:

  • All our news stories
  • Article comments + like/dislike + reply
  • Account login
  • Site search
  • Full forum integration
  • Embedded video playback
  • Feed refresh
  • Live Tile
  • Push notifications

Why did it take so long?

There are the usual roadblocks and items that took longer than expected. The holidays also didn't help besides waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to stabilize. For instance, forum integration is a huge project in and of itself. Being able to Quote and Thank a post as well as create one and log in to your account are not at all trivial.

Our last hurdle is getting the Live Tile and Push Notifications up and running, which is what we are working on for this week before we go live. We're also going to attempt to enable actionable notifications for comments and forum replies if time permits.

We know you folks have high expectations, so releasing an app with some of those core features missing would just result in an endless stream of complaints.

Who is making the app?

Our new developer is Daniel Gary (@danielgary) and his company Gateway Apps. Daniel has been a friend and supporter of our site for years, and his company is responsible for many official apps on Windows Phone and Windows 10.

Seriously, when will it be released?

We think we are on track to release it this week (for real). There is some last minute polishing and testing of the Live Tile and notifications left, but we think that it can be wrapped in the next few days. From there, we will take feedback, bug reports, and iterate builds before we remove the beta status. Since we are launching mostly feature complete the beta tag is more or less a formality for wider testing and feedback.

On behalf of the entire Windows Central team and Daniel Gary, we'd like to thank you for your continued patience regarding the release of our new app. We know you folks are passionate and do not want to disappoint you.

Tell us what you think of the design in comments and what features you will want next!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Seems faster
  • It's raining Apps!!!
  • Why not other apps of Mobile Nations like iMore, AndroidCentral etc.......???
  • Omg is correct.great job guys! Glad you took the time to also let us wondering know about the status. Really glad it's here soon! Also really like how you waited a bit till it was or nearly was perfect for release.
  • Wen in India?
  • **** india
  • Learn to behave
  • Well in short **** u
  • What the*** are u talking here
  • His user name clearly says he is "MAD" 
  • Soon
  • LOL I know right, about damn time
  • Haha
  • Way to guys Daniel and the WinCenteral team. I'm really glad for this :)
  • Can't wait!! Disqus support would be great :)
  • They already have their own forum/comment threads for ages. Why would they start using Disqus now?
  • Forum ok. But can't see why not for comments.
  • Is it entirely native? The article content looks like it might be a web view.
  • And the icons are from black-tie (from the maker of font-awesome) wich is a web font-icon set
  • hope not, if they're spending this much time on a web wrapper i'll just keep on using the current app
  • Just an app is taking this long and we still cant play videos within the app and yet people complain about W10M OS????
  • I've always played videos in the app from day 1.
  • Can't wait!
  • When will it come to India tho?
  • When you become pregnant.
  • Hahaha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Finally!
  • Just in time to report on the last Lumia ever being built!!!!
  • Thank goodness Lumia idk kinda going away! Windows phone needs something fresh brought to market that could be considered premium like the iPhone and Galaxy line of devices since Nokia over produced Lumia phones with a confusing numbering system doing with sub par sources outside of the 1520 which is my current phone until something worthy of replacing it comes to market. Microsoft really needs to complete WM10 and add some compelling features to go along with continuum like mix view tiles, etc.
  • Kinda on the fence given their design change on the site was the lowest quality compared to any of the mobile nations sites
  • I don't get how anyone can say the iPhone is premium: No sd card
    No 2K screen
    No 4K screen
    No wireless charging
    Not waterproof
    Not dustproof
    No double tap to wake/sleep
    Etc..... Premium it's not!
  • Its made out of recycled cans!
  • My friend has an iPhone 6s plus and its far from premium. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah. The 950xl dient really live up to my expectations for an upgrade to ny 1520.
    But i hope the 6" surface phone will fix that
  • So excited! Nice work, Daniel!
  • It's not Daniel though who made this app
  • Daniel Gary and his company, Gateway Apps, made the app.
  • It is. Daniel Gary
  • Yess! 
  • Would embedded videos have an option to play in other YouTube apps? And would the integrated forums have image attachment? Not understanding from the images. I am eagerly waiting for the app :-)
  • This!! And will it support emots??
  • I believe the best option would be to play videos inline within the app. @Daniel_Rubino any thoughts?
  • I hope videos in the app get a Movies & TV-like video player which is found in the new Facebook Windows 10 Mobile apps.
  • Looks great
  • Sweet!
  • Only like 2 months late :P
    But in all seriousness, flippin finally xD
  • The old WC app has tons of bad reviews because people thought that was the "new app"
  • The same case with windows 10 mobile :/
  • Looks sleek. Can't wait to test it on my Lumia 640xl
  • Me too.
  • How is your 640XL fairing?
  • What do you want to learn ???
  • Oh no. White background? Please say it's configurable.
  • This is why we can't have nice things. Or things earlier. We'll get to a dark theme at some point, unless you want us to delay it again? We can do that....
  • Let's start the bughunt. Add features later. :)
  • My thoughts exactly... It's a background, not a huge deal. I like how it looks overall.
  • Please ,do NOT delay it again!
  • Naw, I actually recently switched to the light theme on the OS.
  • Some of us don't mind waiting.
    Really love dark themes, white is too blinding on my Lumia. Posted from my Note 5
  • please, this app isn't for your Android phone. It's for W10M devices only  
  • I have a Lumia device, idiot. The current Android app is better than the WP8.1 app so I'll continue using it for now. Take your Microsoft caping somewhere else fanboi. Posted from my Note 5
  • Then you should wait.  You can simply not use the new app until they have added the dark theme and the rest of us can enjoy it in the meantime.
  • +640
  • That is the beauty of releasing it now with light theme. Those whoa re willing to use the light theme can use it now. You on the other hand can choose to wait . Win - Win.
  • Well, since a dark theme is a deal-breaker for folks with AMOLED displays (Lumia 820 here), I was expecting it as a Day One feature. But please take your time for making this awesome app available as soon as possible!
  • dark theme (black background with white sidebars) can wait till next month. I think we should release the app
  • Awesome news! Can't wait to try it.
  • It's good this way, dark theme can wait. Also it looks like you could fit a small ads bar above the navigation bar in the All News menu when you do the first update
  • Pretty sure its going to be ad free... I seriously hope so at least. This should be the premier news reader app for Windows, definitely shouldn't be cluttered with ads... That's one thing I really dislike about the website since it feels slow on mobile, even on my 950XL Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Down, tiger.
  • Are we able to tell which who replies to which comment in the app? Current app is confusing.
  • Who are you replying to?
  • Yes, as you can see in the screenshots.
  • I also got shocked when I saw no dark theme and you said the app would be "near feature complete", so I'm kinda relieved to hear a dark theme will be added later!
  • This is not a knock against your app specifically but directed toward so many (even native Microsoft) apps in the store. Why the heck do developers not embrace light/dark theme switching more!!!! As an app developer myself this feature is about easy as pie to implement. If a develper is worth half their salt and uses ThemeResources then its a freaking simple toggle swtich that swaps out the colorbrush on the resource.   If you use the resources consistenly throughout your app then there are no freaking changes to make!!! I am just perplexed at how so many apps cannot get this simple process implemented.  
  • Dont delay! Cant wait! Looks great!
  • "The perfect is the Enemy of the good" Voltaire  A "cult of the imperfect" - "Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes."
    Watson-Watt, who developed early warning radar in Britain to counter the rapid growth of the Luftwaffe
  • We are used to delays so go ahead, my Lumia 930 deservs a black background, makes reading more confortable. ;)
  • I'd be prepared to wait for a dark theme in a proper finished app. Unfinished and missing features seems to be the story of Windows 10 Mobile these days. 
  • Then don't download beta software. That's the beauty here, people who don't mind unfinished software with missing features can download the beta and help make the app feature complete for folks like you who don't mind waiting a little longer.
  • RobbCab Someone voted you down for your comment.  I'm voting you up!  Lean UX and iterative design is here to stay. I really dislike when people like iainmann complain about a Beta being unfinished.  A Beta by definition is unfinished compared to a GM.  Maybe, the windowscentral audience needs to be onboarded about the differences between Alpha, Beta, and GM.     
  • So much this. Dark theme is a quintessential Windows Phone feature. Good to know its on the way but I would have thought it would have been pretty standard.
  • Good choice of Word - quintessential is what the dark theme is but I'm prepared to take the app as is and await the dark theme.
  • I really really like it! Thanks Daniel and the complete Windows Central team plus developers! Great job.
  • Looking forward to see it soon. What happened with Jay? Is he not associated with Windows Central anymore?
  • I was wondering the same thing. I don't remember a farewell post.
  • Jay is hard at work at his full-time job making great Windows apps for the platform ;-) Our app was a side project for him and his career took priority, which is understandable.
  • Ah, interesting. I always wondered what happened to Jay. Nice to know he's still making Windows apps.
  • I am indeed, as Daniel said having a career doing this stuff seriously sapped up my time and whilst I'm sad I couldn't find the time to create a new app for the incredible readership here I'm thrilled to see what Daniel Gary has done and looking forward to trying it out for myself!
  • Oh, what company? Or are you at liberty to say? :)
  • I heard he was at MS?
  • It's no secret, I work as the Windows Development lead at UI Centric - a job I'm very happy with
  • Thanks for that. I was curious. Jay was great
  • Ah, definitely makes sense... I was just curious because I haven't heard much from him lately... I was aware this was a side thing from him. Glad to hear he's doing well.
  • I miss Jay on the podcasts with you
  • Anyone know what technology Jay used to create the app? 
  • You can always find him on twitter... ;)
  • Last to release, and she loves it that way. PSync.
  • Looks great, can't wait!
  • Thats what she said.
  • If you set up an account, I would be willing to pitch in a few bucks. No one should ever have to lose money to please the masses.
  • Make it donateware. Free with donation possible.
  • Agree. I would donate as I get a ton of use from this app and nearly all my Microsoft/Xbox related news from the WC team!
  • Yes, I am willing to donate for the app. You should realy consider make it free with donation.
  • Same here! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I will donate, no brainer.
  • Same. No brainer.
  • I also think it is imperative to contribute, I cannot in good faith have them louder on something that they have worked on so hard...
  • I'd gladly donate too.
  • I already bought the app since WP7 but would gladly donate. You guys should add a link in some kind of "about" tab...
  • In app purchase of $1 donation that can be purchased multiple times?
  • Agree with all above. A donation tab to give back some of the greatness you all give us.
  • ******* hamburger menus...forever out of reach of my right hands' thumb on my 950 xl
  • Luckily you won't need to use it most of the time. Just for hopping between news feed, forums and videos. To get to next article just swipe left or right.
  • Nice to know Daniel. Also, finally I see inline(embedded) videos in articles. Question Dan, has email notifications on comment responses been fixed? Lastly, comment reply from toast would be amazing. Finally, nice work to you and the WC/Dev teams. Keep it guys.
  • Not sure about the email the email/response question, but will put on our checklist.
  • Man, I need that feature. I rarely reply now as I can't take the time to find my post. Would be massively appreciated.
  • Agreed on the comment emails... impossible to get back currently.
  • When you get the chance I think you guys should consider making it a swipe gesture to bring it out, unless that screws up the pivot design for between articles ( I guess it would)
  • Indeed! Swipe gesture to open the Hamburger I think is a must. Unfortunately, this sounds like isn't part of the official framework of UWP in Windows at the moment, which is why virtually all apps (especially Microsoft ones) don't have gestures to open Hamburger menu. Only recently Groove Music have it but it was clunky and it really does feel "hack". This is gonna be more of a developer effort to implement gesture for Hamburger to work well. Some 3rd-party apps, fortunately manage to implement it with their own, it's not a standard, but at least for now, it works better than none at all. I think it shouldn't cause that much conflict between swipe to open Hamburger and Pivot control since their trigger area is different. The swipe-to-open Hamburger is triggered from swiping the left EDGE of the screen, about 1 to 3 pixels maybe. The pivot controls are swipable essentially in all areas left and right, and users by design normally swipe near the center of the screen. The potential conflict is when the user intent to change pivot navigate but swipe from the left edge, which opens hamburger instead changing pivot. Honestly this isn't an issue and it causes small margin of error. Android have combination of Swipable Hamburger and Pivot controls for years and it didn't really cause of a problem. So I think it will work with Windows just fine. The only problem with this is when on regular Windows 10 where the left edge is used for Task View. Fortunately there is no need for left-edge swipe since collapsed Hamburger menu is always visible on tablet. So the swipe gesture isn't need to be triggered from the edge, but only from the actual Hamburger bar instead.
  • Do you know what tech was used to produce the App?  Javascript, html, CSS? Why not add HammerJS for gesture control?  Easy to do assuming the app was created with JavaScript.
  • Yeah based on the screenshot, that's great! This is what Hamburger menu should be! "Don't bury everything in the hamburger menu" and this upcoming app gladly didn't follow Microsoft way (ironic). The Hamburger + Pivot feature is well balanced and honestly a better UX for the app with complex navigations. Great job to the dev! :D Though now I'm curious, is the Hamburger can be open to swipe from the left edge? Just like some 3rd-party apps like Slack, Readit?
  • That's key and should be the standard alternate pattern to menus/ *almost* everything in the hamburger menu being in a pivot control of sorts, when possible. Thanks for the response Daniel.
  • Hold down your windows key, fixed.
  • That's not a fix. That's a workaround of bad design.
  • No, that's if you can't reach the upper part of the screen there is no reason to have such a big screen.
  • Press and hold the home button to solve that problem.
  • You can always long hold/tap the Windows button then you'd reach the hamburger menu.
  • Oh no, I bought a touch screen phone that's too big to touch the entire screen.
  • Press and hold the Windows symbol and the hamburger is easy to reach.
  • It's a February miracle! Looking forward to it. :)
  • Awesome news, really looking forward to this!
  • Thanks for the update, some people here in the comments section were getting anxious. Oh, and also, it looks great.
  • Can't wait!
  • I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening! Please help!
  • Lmao!
  • Reminds me of a story about this guy who went to a car lot and made an offer on a new car that was well below cost price, dealership refused, guy comes back says they wouldn't take my money.
  • That's because the app is free??? Haha
  • Lol! Now that's why!
  • It clearly says no tips.
  • Throw harder!! XD
  • Great! (From Portugal)
  • I wouldn't mind donating for the app, to support the site. Especially since you are giving it away for free. Would there be an option for that. I don't think I'm the only one.
  • I agree, too.
  • Totally agree! I'll definitely donate if there is a way to do so.
  • me too!
  • Me three :)
  • Yay!! Can't wait.
  • Daniel, it would be very interesting to hear of a few of the hurdles that you've hit in the development of this app (assuming you have). Anything you've learned from the process that we could use to help us understand potential delays in development of other w10 apps?
  • Yeah, will see if Daniel Gary wants to write up something on that, could be a good post.
  • great thanks. looking forward to it
  • Finally..? Will only say that when I actually see it in the Store. 
  • Seems....faster ;P
  • Lol:P
  • Woah! Now thats how its done! Excellent work Daniel Rubino/Gary and Team! I am impressed!  
  • What's wrong with the iconograph you are using? Here's a tip
  • Point noted. We're exploring a few different design choices but may go with Segoe. Stay tuned.
  • My favorite font has been Segoe UI even though the default for Windows 7 and 8 was always Calibri / Cambria. Oh and I'm talking about MS Office :)
  • Windows since Windows Vista is I think been using Segoe, though its been slightly tweaked in Windows 8 which is used to be a derivative of Segoe called Zegoe from Zune. Calibri and Cambria isn't officially used for Widows UI, only for content. This is why Office default font is Calibri but when making apps, it's Segoe UI. Calibri isn't meant to be used as a UI font.
  • Segoe UI is I think the official UI typeface for Windows. This I think should be like a standard to use unless the app is meant to be non-MDL /Non-Metro/Modern design. Having a different font will look weird among other apps (who follows MDL) and OS as a whole. The new Windows Central Universal app design really looks it follows the standard Microsoft design, it certainly inspired from MSN apps (which is great), so using standard font is an only way to go.
  • We are talking icons here, not fonts, but thanks.
  • Thank you :)
  • Oooh what about option to comment using pictures or emojis/
  • That isn't enabled on the sites AFAIK for commenters. Seriously, would you want WC comment streams full of that stuff? When hundreds of comments are common?!
  • Emoticons work =[
  • Go to Facebook for emojis
  • Now I can stop pestering Daniel. :P
  • Are other MobileNations App on the way?? It would be good to see imore and android central universal apps on Win10 Store.
  • Yup, once we get this app done we'll use it as a template for iMore and AC.
  • That's good news. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems faster????
  • Looks great! I would've happily paid a dollar or two to remove ads, but I'm certainly not going to complain about it being 100% free. I'm sure some other commenters here will find something to whine about though.
  • Honestly, unless there's a Dark Theme on the app, I'll keep using the 8.1 version. I have enough of the white background nonesense on Android already :P
  • See Daniel's response to one of the comments above lol.
  • Saw it afterwards ;) Still seems like a poorly conceived decision to me. If you consider that the flagships from Microsoft (as from Nokia before it) use AMOLED screens, one would think dark backgrounds would take priority over white ones but hey...I'm not the one in charge. Then again, I'm not amongst those who were clamouring for an update to the WCentral app. I'm happy enough with the current one on WP (and the Android app for WCentral has a darker theme).
  • so you would rather still with the old version that is slow and lags alot, plus has tons of ads everywhere? You're one strange person
  • Ads? I have no ads. I actually didn't mind pay for the app and support its development when I was using WP as a daily driver. And so I got no ads. That's the difference between me, a non-WP fan and many so-called "WP fans" that want everything for free and ad-free... And yes, I rather have a slower app with black backgrounds that don't hurt my eyes than a faster one that does.
  • Actually, android users want everything for free, that's why so much piracy and so many malware apps on the play store disguised as mp3 downloaders, movie streamers, etc. Because they think software is "free" but not every developer can afford to develop a data stealing system like google in order to give "free" software and feed the vicious cycle
  • Yep, no ads here as I bought the app long ago. The dark theme is great for the 930 amoled screen and I can wait for the dark theme too before updating. I don't currently experience any lag on the W10m app though.
  • Applying the dark theme takes a lot of time with the XAML code. You have to switch colors as well for better visibility, all of which involves heavy XAML codding. It's not easy. And moreover, since its not easy and also because the white background is the default view, developers tend to implement the dark background later.
  • @Malay Agarwal, Are you sure they're using XAML?  Why is the theme not controlled by CSS?
  • Universal apps use XAML for designing.
  • @Malay Agarwal Universal apps can use HTML and XAML.They can be built in C#, C++, JS...  XAML and C# is just one approach for creating Windows Store apps.  Infact, there are tons of great tools for creating .appx and they can leverage HTML, JavaScript and CSS. How do you know this app is using XAML?  I don't have access to the .appx so I can't look at the code.
  • Fine by us!
  • Well the WC app for Android has a dark theme...
  • I know ;) But, believe it or not, I often use the WP app (normally after playing some Xbox game on the 930 or while I wait to respawn.)
  • I thought there were no ads.
  • the WP8.1 app has ads. Some of these ads can cause AIDS
  • Always need to have some reason to ***** and complain.
  • I'll gladly pay for the dark theme version!!!
  • ...and I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today! =P
  • And?
  • Cool! Looking forward to this! 
  • Soon
  • FINALLY.....Soon is almost here
  • - top header font for " All - games - apps - reviews - editorials" way too small - make the top first header colorful like the one MSN weather 
  • ssssweeettt! I like the design of the app... Looking forward to it
  • We will still have the option for dark background???
  • If not on initial release then eventually. We've already jammed a lot of stuff in a 'beta' app.
  • Daniel Gary was the first guy to bring instagram to WP if I remember correctly. Before Rudy took the spotlight
  • Yes Daniel Gary was the first windows phone super star. He made instagram and snapchat clones that were hugely popular for their time.
  • I may be seen as pedantic, but seeing the suck up here, regarding the app, would people have been prepared to wait if it was Microsoft?? ;) Mmmm..
    Tongue firmly in cheek, having read a lot of threads on these fine boards
  • People have already waited and we have our older app still available.
  • I don't think that is his point. His point is more directed at the commenters who firmly yell about microsoft being "late" and horrible in developing their entire ecosystem while they cheer you guys on with almost 100% positivity that your single app will soon reach beta. :) There is a small discrepancy on how this community handles different companies. :)
  • No there would have been mass protest.
  • Are you doing this for charity? Put some banners in it and a paid version!! :)
  • I'm happy if they leave it as is and just have a donation button.
  • Maybe they can hold an event and raise money that way... =D
  • Nice!!! I like the WP version I'm using for W10M, but I can't wait for the new app!! It looks awesome, great work!!!
  • Awesome...long time coming
  • Can you please use the W10M share it icon????      
  • Sweeter than sugar!!
  • Cant wait!!!
    Like the look and layout, I just wanna see the actionable notifications and iconic live tile(or a variation of it) functioning and I will be happy
    Don't forget to add the default notification sound as well :) :)
  • Woooooooo!!!
  • Damn why no ads I'd hate to see the website go out of business lol.
  • None of the android versions have ads. I don't think that it is a major problem otherwise they would have added them into all the mobile nations apps by now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is a windows central app for android but not for iOS? That makes NO sense considering more iOS users use apps then android users.
  • Android has all the Mobile Nations sites' apps. It also has apps for the forums. It is weird that it's doesn't though. Though I highly doubt more ios users user apps than android, seeing as how world-wide ios is nowhere near as common as android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looks nice guys! :D
  • Dark theme. Please.
  • It's nice that you are finally pushing it out, but in my opinion it looks really ugly. Ok, not a big thing now but I hope you'll polish desing a bit once things with more priority are finished.
    Glad it's out eventually. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • First, "really ugly" and "polish design a bit" are completely opposite.
    Second, probably you are almost the only one to think that, Here. But more, you didn't give not even a direction to say what's ugly and what needs polish.
    Just words put on the air.
    It remembers me the way many customers do in my job of graphic artist "I'd like it bright, but keep it dark, and also add a crowd of people but be sure that we see only one person".
  • Dude... Let's see it live before starting the usual crusade, aight?
  • When will it be released? Answer should have been "Soon". Another frequently asked question should have been "When in India?"
  • You mean " When in Canada and UK? "
  • When in Rome ;)
  • Bannet is the guy behind that great app
  • Continuum compatible?
  • Yes
  • Says so in the post...
  • Lmao
  • I dislike it when people comment on something that was stated in the article
  • Its a Universal App, of course it will.
  • read the article before commenting!
  • There was an article ^_~
  • Awwwww yeah! Bring it on, my 730 is ready
  • Can't wait. Been waiting fir this. Sorry for my odd negative comment. I use ur app every hour of every day so been dying for uwp app
  • They have one for pc too, it coming
  • Fantastic! I like the look :)
  • Cool. Waiting.
  • Looks dope
  • Woah free for all wow
  • Thank you! Will there be a dark mode for OLED screens? Edit: "
    A: If not included, it will be implemented eventually."
  • yeah
  • Great work guys!
  • Daniel Gary is the msn of the week, at last long awaited app is hitting the shelves, glad its coming this week and thanks for making it a surprise to all of us as we grew tired of waiting for the app.
  • We need to thank the developer @danielgary specially for listening to us and giving us a true win10 app, all hail gary
  • You need to thank windows central more so, as it says in the article he is being paid to make it
  • Landscape typing back please, and the ability to open the app from notification emails etc. Improved search would be nice, the current one is dire. And, I'd actually pay the £0.69 again, it has been worth it.
  • I bet it will have landscape mode, because it is Universal Windows App. If you are using it on Windows tablet it must have landscape mode right? so I bet it will have it on phone too then.
  • What apps have Daniel Gary developed? I know I've seen his name under at least one of my apps.
  • And dark background please.
  • Instagram, snapchat. The original popular ones before 6tag and 6snap.
  • Ok, thanks.
  • Daniel Gary? He the guy that had a working Instagram app on Windows Phone 8 before Rudy brought 6tag along to the party? App is looking great btw. Can't wait to start using it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome news!
    We knew you guys would come through.
  • Daniel...Do you think the challenges your team experienced to make this universal app are indicative of making one in general? Is it harder to do the same thing here than say iOS or Android? Is this another hurdle for the app gap? Thank you. I'm really looking forward to your app.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to make something similar to universal apps on ios or android
  • It is POSSIBLE to make something similar to universal apps on ios or android. Cordova, Telerik, Ionic, .....
  • Well Daniel, from today's news I should be able to try out the Beta Windows Central app on my new Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL (Windows). Good news all around.
  • Daniel thank you. Great news Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looking good, thanks
  • The app gap is closed!
  • Don't over-exaggerate
  • I don't usually download apps for tech blogs but I might have to make an exception for Windows Central ;)
  • I'm actually big on just good mobile web pages... don't need app to browse the internet.  Well this site on mobile browser forced me to use the APP lol....  It's ok since I use it everyday I guess!
  • I'd actually love to use the mobile Web more, but even a good mobile site is still pretty bad... Long way to go. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Man what happened with the guy that was dev on the current app. I hope Daniel Gary didn't make any of those Buggy official apps that never get updated akin to Groupon....
  • Wooot! Can't wait to try it out
  • What if we wanted to donate to help with the costs? It's only fair to have that option to repay the excellent hard work the team does for the community. 950xl, UK
  • Respect!
  • A) I think it looks great! Excellent job, everybody!!! B) I have no direct knowledge on the matter, but I seriously doubt that MS's store policies are NEARLY as draconian and locked down as Apple's, which apparently are what is preventing the launch of a Windows Central or an Android Central app on that platform. So, now that Win10 WC is poised to drop, most of the hard work would be done I'd imagine, and Windows 10 UWP apps for Android Central and iMore seem like they'd be something of a shoo-in. news on when/if we'll be seeing them? Would be nice!!! Cheers!
  • When WC is at a point we're happy the app can be used as a template for the other sites.
  • Hands-on video please...
  • The first thing I checked was whether a hands on video is available or not... :D
  • Nice:)
  • Wow. I'm impressed there was development work actually going on.  Good job guys. Can't wait to see it.  The Forum part looks especially nice or did the forum get a refresh too?
  • Didn't know Daniel Gary was the guy making Apps for so long. I will be supporting Gateway Apps where ever I will see it. Thank you for not quitting on Windows like the few of us left. I hope to see great improvements -though I've also been fine the way its been- I'd like to see performance improvements; like my 920 couldn't play the embedded videos straight from the app (I had to open the browser). It hanged when I wanted to share in article to whatsapp or facebook and the like. So I hope it improves in due time. Believe it or not, I read this app before Bing News as my morning news paper. lol. Whatever interests someone you know. Good Luck, I'll be testing it as well!! :D
  • Oh good! Thanks!
  • Looking very much like the official msn apps, to create the ultimate uwp app. No hate just an observation.
  • MSN apps are well designed ones, so its perfectly fine to take inspiration from it. MSN apps don't rely on Hamburger on everything and still make use of pivots for sub-navigation which is what should be done on other apps especially like Groove Music. It also have well-designed layouts (not cheap-looking ones on other MS apps) and uses tons of animations which makes the apps feels modern and futuristic. The only big missing in MSN apps is having a swipe from the left edge gesture to open Hamburger menu. Well this is what the OS framework responsibility though, not per individual apps. Its what the Windows team shortcoming instead, not MSN.
  • That is looking GREAT !!! - Looking forward to installing the app on PC, Phone and Surface :bananadance:
  • AWESOME!! I asked for this last week (but got no reply whatsoever). Good to see it's almost ready for prime time!
  • Nice
  • I want to be able to resize the font on a small tablet screen. It's been killing my eyes trying to read the news etc
  • It's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening it's happening
  • Good to hear. =)
  • Looms reallt great :)
  • Awww... Too bad it's not Jay Bennett. He was involved and could be found in the comments a lot interacting with us.
  • Why are you not charging for the app?
  • Nice job!
  • The comment section!
  • Black title bars and white content? Is the new app a web-wrapper? Also I think the old app should be updated so youtube videos don't have missing titles and so the download app button actually works. I don't have any plans to ever upgrade my phone to Windows 10 and the current app honestly isn't great.
  • Your loss.
  • Running W10 on my Lumia 930 and the WC app is great in dark theme. Like the comment above says......your loss!
  • Another frequently used app that supports Continuum. That's great news. :)
  • Real win10 design. Fantastic!
  • So you guys are going to release a free and adfree app? Any in-app purchases to get you guys something special?
  • We could sell dinner dates with Dan?
  • Looks dope to me.
  • Can we donate? This is one of the most used apps that I have, and I'd pay for this to show support. In my experience, WP central effectively does more for windows phone marketing then Microsoft itself does.
  • Good question. I would like to donate too
  • Left kidney or lungs?
  • What the h*** both *_*
  • Great! finally
  • Dan created this app all by himself!!!! Awesome work Dan!!!
  • I glad the app will be free, i hate companies try to double dip. I already paid for this app on windows 8. Other OS forum apps are free, why did we had to pay in the first place.
  • Want everything free do you? Must like ads taking up space on the screen? People don't need to get paid for their work I suppose...
  • Amen!
  • It's the Android thing.....all for free and never pay.....well, unless all your data mined is considered free!
  • Needs to support emos :-)
  • Emos? I think WC supports emos...and other lifestyle groups as well.
    Now emoji support would be cool
  • Wow, grammar! And Vocab! Such precision Chef! Guess we all need you in life. :P
  • Windows Central, how are you going to generate ad revenue after this? I surely won't type in in my Edge's address bar again. But I did pay for the old 8.1 WC app. I am okay with you guys adding that dark theme feature later, don't delay it! I wanna see less and less WP8.1 app on my Lumia 950.
  • Finally yeay
  • Will we be able to pin individual forums to start page?
  • Excellent Daniel!! Looking forward to all those awesome features.
  • The light theme alone is worth a lot of money to me. Lol. I know folks love their darkness, but I could never read long that way. Looking good. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Im so excited! :) I have been looking forward for this for a long time :).
  • Sooooo long.... Lol
  • So so long!
  • Seems longer.....
  • I asked so long for the new Windows Central app!
  • Thank you for nagging them...
  • Lol
  • Good job despite the late
  • Always gotta add the "despite..." Lol have patience.
  • Lol!
  • Thanks for the update! Patiently waiting...unlike some in here. When it's's launched :-)
  • Thats a good boy!
  • Much of this lack of patience, I think, can be attributed to our fast food society. People want what they want, when they want it and complain if it's not given to them right away.
  • Your comment rightly goes with your username. LOL
  • I know. Just stating a fact. Happens to be close to what I so for a living. It's true you know...
  • Not a supporter of fast food btw
  • "Chef" in Swedish (the e is sounded long and a bit diff) means boss. Just saying ;)
  • You're on a roll today arent ya? :P
  • Woohoo!! Another milestone.
  • any one plz send me the link!!
  • Will it be better then the WC Android app?
  • Bet it will be
  • No, dont download it.
  • Woot woot!!!!
  • I hope you guys can find the time to update the Windows central app for iPhone. Doesn't update the blog properly and I've sent reports for it. I know iPhones aren't a priority but I'm waiting for a kick ass windows phone before I come back lol
  • Actually the priority is Android because Daniel Rubino said "that's where the moneys at".
  • Oh brother....
  • What money? The app is free.
  • Unbelievable...
  • Inconceivable ....
  • Invincible! :P
  • Awesome :) guys .... Waiting forward to this really nice news.
  • So the links to apps in the store will actually work now?
  • Looking forward to trying it out!
  • Don't mean to complain, but will the status bar be visible? I think it would be nice if it's a darker magenta or can you show the status bar icons?
  • Congrats :D
  • Can't wait....!
  • Yes!
  • Please have a portrait mode for Windows 10 mobile..
  • It's a Daniel Gary app! Hey! Instance was my first IG app! Really cool. I paid the full $ buck for this WP 8.1 app and, as its easily my number one go to app, I would've paid the $ buck again, on the new one, for the record.
  • Looks great so far. Definitely a welcomed addition!!
  • Does it have an integrated poll windows??
  • It is a beautiful app!! The interactive notifications would be a must-have for the app
  • I'm sure this will be great. I've left WP but this will be a day one download as soon as I get a Windows 10 computer. The lack of a paid option concerns me though. I gladly purchased the app on WP8 and would have paid several dollars for a new one. You guys deserve to get paid. Posted from my Nexus 5X
  • Nice cant wait :)
  • Awesome!!!
  • Looks cheap. But I'd buy it still. Support the community.
  • It's free Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • By any chance will we be able to change the accent color of the app?
  • Will the live tile be the same same? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yey free. Can't wait.
  • Thank you guys..
    The very first thing I do after unlocking the phone is tap on Windows Central tile..
  • Other mobile nation apps?!!
  • Hmm, maybe time to start up the 950xl again to se how ut looks like then.
  • Now here's a question. What happened to Jay Bennet?
  • Find him on twitter and ask him...
  • Him and Daniel Gary had a rap battle on who would develop the app. I guess jay lost.
  • I'm still on Windows Phone 8.1!
  • Thank you, Windows Central. Can you please honestly assess how much would it cost "don't be evil" Google or some major bank to develop and maintain their own Windows App?
  • Black on white!?!?...*sigh*....Alright, fine. 
  • We need notifications when someone replies to our comments. Actionable notifications to quickly reply them back?
  • Fantastic job, from just those few screenshots I can tell I'm going to love this new app. Can't wait to give it a go!
  • Admirable effort, looking forward to it. And I know it will be good coming from Daniels shop. Also, don't forget the the current app has held the test of time, a big nod to the previous dev (you know who you are!)
  • @Daniel that wasn't so hard to do now was it..kinda seemed like work though didn't it.
  • We love you Gary! Keep up the Great work... =D
  • Well better late than never....
  • Thanks for the information, well done.
  • I'd like to make some suggestions on how to improve the aesthetics of the app: ditch the black header and the optional accent colors. Instead, keep the accent color one color: pink. Pink has always been Windows Central's signature color (the color of warriors. Ha!). It's the color of the site's logo for crying out loud and I think we've all seen it enough and searched for it enough that it's been indelibly associated in our subconscious to signify Windows Central. As for the header, black doesn't complement pink so I would suggest replacing it with a neutral color such as very deep midnight blue or a very dark grey while keeping the white type. It would let the pink shine and create a sense of visual hierarchy in the colors.
  • So, take away peoples choice?
  • Daniel Gary is a SUPER DEV ☺ !!!!!
  • This week?? Exciting stuff!!
  • Looks really nice!
  • Will there be a paid version with less bugs?
  • What bugs
  • The open public beta bugs...
  • ITS FREE.....
  • "Paid version" with less bugs dont exists. It's a beta.
  • I'm glad it's coming this week!!
  • Why won't there be ads? You guys deserve the revenue. I don't mind ads as long as they don't get in my way or force me to press an 'x' to get rid of it.
  • I agree! Why lose money? That's nice to think of us like that but an add at the top, out of the way or maybe even at start up is fine. At least just enough to pay for the app. Ppl get to upset over adds...
  • Excited about having a windows 10 app that I actually might want to use. The app sounds great. Actionable Didn't expect that.
  • See I am not very concerned about how much longer it takes for the app to be published but when you do take care of one thing tho. Do not try to rush things up. We want feature packed, smooth and fast app........not a slow beta app with a promise of future updates..HATE THAT!
  • What if the app will be a paid one and someone had already paid previously on 8.1, is it required to purchase again...
  • They shouldn't allow us to pay for it again
  • It's free. Like it says in the post.
  • Just about time. Took longer than Instagram beta to be updated, but still good news
  • Looking forward to it
  • Awesome! About time, since the 8.1 app is looking more outdated. Will there be some kind of dynamic font size? The old app is too small to read on PC, although it's just right on mobile.
  • Thank you guys for this wonderful february love :D
  • Please let it support completing surveys from within the app and not needing to go through a browser.
  • good
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  • The UI honestly looks like a glorified mobile website but other than that I can't complain. At least it will fit in well with the other apps on W10. The old WC app is nice but the lack of updates and support killed it. Kind of like WP itself.
  • No its completely different
  • You need to stop spreading the lies about w10m not getting developed. People will eventually believe that is true even though we all know its a lie.
  • Daniel, one observation: In the action bar on the bottom, the title of the article is stuffed side by side with the actions. This will cause the action bar to become very fat for some articles. Just look at the SteelSeries screenshots.
  • Also, if you will, by your own admission, lose revenue on the app, then what is going to offset that revenue? We don't want this app to be shut down later because of no revenue.
  • I know I'm off topic but today I told someone I have a Lumia phone and she or he thought it is a Chinese made one. I was si stunned that I had to agree LOL. MS really needs to step up on its advertisements for their brand. I thought saying Lumia will stand out more than Microsoft.
  • You were right. Way off topic.
  • I hope it's better than the android app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Needs a donate option. Seriously. You guys losing money on serving us isn't really something we as a community should be OK with.
  • Agreed. I'd be willing to pitch in a few bucks.
  • @leo74, agree wholeheartedly.
  • It'll be cool if we get notifications when somebody comment or reply to a comment we make on a article :)
  • Hoping that it will support dark background.
  • Cant wait its going to be awesome!
  • Why are you making the app free and ad-free?
  • Because we're too good to you guys :)
  • Because the app would lock up just like your browser does when viewing this site :P
  • Need Disqus or notifications for comments made and notifications for forum posts
  • Your app is fantastic on Windows phone 8.1 This app should be no different. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Congratulations :)
  • Nice looking forward to beta testing.... Really hope actionable notifications come...i can't stress enough how useful they are in readit and messaging apps.
  • AWESOME!!! ThaNX guys!!!
  • Looks nice. The forums on the desktop app look amazing with multiple columns.
    Great work, WC!
  • They should give ability swipe hamburger menu.
  • +1
  • It'd be great if we could share photos or screenshots in comments or forums from the app itself. It'll make it very easy to point out problems users are facing. Granted no one starts posting porn here lol.
  • Commenters cannot post images in our comments sections. I think that's a good thing :)
  • Excited.. And need atleast emojis...
  • The new app looks cool! But the mobile version of Windows Central app on WP8.1 was pretty cool itself. Only the desktop version needed modifications.
  • Very funny
  • Looks awesome! And it's nice to see you are bringing it ad free. I didn't mind those little ads. :) You guys are awesome!!! ^^
  • Plse share downloading link I can't find Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Didn't read the post did you ;)
  • They never do :D
  • Most anticipated new feature (promised since two years ago, but to my knowledge never implemented): Subject filters. I have zero interest in Xbox games, and would very much like to filter out any articles on the subject! Or even better, let me choose the subjects that I'm interested in...
  • Dark theme?
  • @Wael Hasno, Daniel Rubino said it will follow later at some point otherwise it would delay the app. That's understandable as when you make UX changes, a good dev would want to thoroughly test it.
  • A dark/black theme in the articles would be nice
  • Indeed! ^^
  • Not really feeling the love for those screen shots. But will wait til using it to judge it properly. Seems however the highly requested dark theme wouldn't of been a huge thing to implement if it was planned from he start. Now its a lot more work to implement. Anyway whatever's going
  • Finally!!☺
  • Great work. Can't wait to install.
  • Dark theme please! This is what I loved about the old WC app. Makes a HUGE difference in the reading experience for me.
  • the 2nd screen of the mobile view: make the video full width, remove the margin at the top..left and right margin should be white too. 3rd screen: there could be more space around the text, now its too compact and not nice to read or look at. but reduce the space between the comments at least by 50%. the 6th screen: why are you making something completely different here? lean towards the color palette and style of the comment section of the 3rd screen, remove the contending lines, darker grey bg, forum post completely in white
  • We all want good stuff, that's why fans window mobile are waiting for passionate.
  • Can we vote to add Seems faster™ quote along with app name? :D
  • Congrats guys! Can't wait!
  • Ngon . Mong là sẽ tối ưu tốt hơn cho Lumia 640 :D
  • Looks good now. The performance needs to be good too, though. Maybe you guys should set up a voluntary contribution in the form of an in app purchase to recover some money.
    The App is gonna look great in WP 10
    Heard there is goin to be a donation; will see if I can donate
  • Congratz been waiting for This it seems vert well finished !
  • yeah yeah yeah!
  • Thanks Windows Central. You one of the reasons why i stay in Windows phone
  • Looking good! ☺
  • Is it here yet ;)
  • Thank YOU for making it! - And ad-free no less! It looks good and I really look forward to replace it with my current ad-spammed MS Edge edition ;) 
  • It is looking Daaamnnnnnn Awesome, Great Job Guys!!!!!!!
  • Look forward to it :-)
  • WoW guys that is Great Thanks to all WC Team
  • I look forward to the app
  • Seems faster ;3 shower me with speed *-*
  • Excellent news, keep up the good work, make the beta and I will be more than happy to help you testing it in my Lumia 950 XL and giving feedback. The current state look already polished and premium. Don't do it free, let us pay at least a couple of bucks. Regards!
  • This week
  • I used to love the WP 8.1 app, but either my tastes and expectations changed, or the app actually deteriorated, either way, I'm very happy that you guys have decided to build this new updated app, I think that this will be appreciated by a lot of your fans (save a few grumpy diehard dark background lovers/hamburger haters) I can't receive notifications of any description on this WC app, so this will be my last post until the new one allows me to finally get social in the comments, thanks WC team.
  • This was a nice post to read very understanding to users of your app. Thanks for the update? Hopefully it seems faster, but wen in India? :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looking good!
  • So you have no space for your beautiful logo?
  • Great! And you are right.... Its better to wait if we want an awesome feature rich app(even the statements works fine for windows 10 mobile). Bring it on buddy....
  • All are updating apps for wp10. What about wp8.1.? No one is bothered about the phones which are working on wp8.1. There are many basic ms. apps like photos, calendar, outlook mail, phone which are required for updates like wp10. And windows central app which after update looks very good in images but this update is not available for wp8.1 users. Why developers and Microsoft are ignoring users of wp8.1? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where's your logo and the title?
  • Why developers are building app for just wp10 users and not for wp8.1 users.? There are many basic ms.apps which require update like photos, phone, people, outlook calendar and mail, stores, etc. And now windows central app which looks good in images as I have not got update in lumia 730 wp8.1. Why developers and Microsoft are ignoring wp8.1 users.? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Three comments page looks like it has some empty spaces. It doesn't look compact that way.
    But all in all, great job, guys. :)
  • Dan, Would it be possible for you guys to have a donate option for those members willing to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication to the community?  I already purchased a Cortana shirt but I'm willing to donate some more to show my gratitude!  I'm sure there are other members willing to do the same :) Not that this is a major issue but I've noticed on the current app we can only go back so far in article history.  Is this still the case with the new app?  Sometimes the search feature doesn't always find the article you are looking for. I can't wait for the new app!
  • is it free?
  • Okay, please explain to me why you'll be using a separate store listing? If you upload a w10m enabled package, you do not in any way overwrite the wp 8.1 package. In fact, you offer a simple update stream for those on w10m. By having two identical (except for platform) apps in the store, you create confusion and diffuse your clientele. Remember, that 8.1 app will run on w10m. Seriously, this is just a silly decision.
  • Why developers are building app for just wp10 users and not for wp8.1 users.? There are many basic ms.apps which require update like photos, phone, people, outlook calendar and mail, stores, etc. And now windows central app which looks good in imagesas I have not got update in lumia 730 wp8.1. Why developers and Microsoft are ignoring wp8.1 users.?
  • Thanks
  • Daniel he the developer that brought the first Instagram app to our platform (the name of the app is eluding me)?
  • From the screenshot, the share button is that of android instead of windows.
  • Great one and I like it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is great news. I still use my Lumia 920 from time to time and this is always an app I use when I do. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • I'm late to the comment party. (Sometimes they make we WORK when I'm at work) But my favorite quote of the article is "We know you folks have high expectations, so releasing an app with some of those core features missing would just result in an endless stream of complaints​" You know us so well. lol Seriously, I just want to say that I am a consumer of WC. Addicted, in fact. And since we develope W10 Universal in-house corporate apps, I actually get to see first hand what the REAL investment is. I can only say I sincerely appreciate the effort. Suck-up complete. :)  
  • Wen in india
  • I'm whet
  • Wow!!! A better designed app!
  • How then can we support Windows Central, financially speaking, if it's free and ad-free?!?! I wouldn't mind ads. Matter of fact I click it and stay on the linked website to support the developer. Well, not everyone is like me. :)
  • better than wp app. but i dont like the design. you should have borrowed more from the UI elements of groove (eg. on the design of hamburger menu) and not from the ui of msn apps.
  • Looks good.
  • hey will you make app for ios too ?
  • The only thing I want to know if the app supports is Polls? WILL IT SUPPORT POLLS
  • It will "launch ad-free". key word "launch" so does it mean we will start to get ads after a while?...
  • Only knowing we'll have push notifications in the desktop is enough for me. Anything else will be bonus features
  • When it will be on Armenia??? I want to test this UWP.
  • The end of the week is near? Anything new?
  • ​its the end of the week and still nothing