New Windows 11 Game Bar feature makes PC gaming more social

Microsoft Teams Play Together
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft debuted a new gaming widget in the Xbox Game Bar called Microsoft Teams Play Together.
  • It's designed to provide users with a platform where they can interact with other users via chat or video and even allows them to share their screens while playing games.
  • You'll need a personal Microsoft account to access the platform's offerings.

The Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11 is a powerful tool for gamers. It includes a variety of built-in features for screen recording, monitoring performance, and more. It can also be enhanced with widgets. The latest widget, Microsoft Teams Play Together, brings video calling and screen sharing right into the Xbox Game Bar.

The folks over at MSPowerUser spotted the Microsoft Store listing for Microsoft Teams Play Together that's now live.

"Xbox Game Bar and Microsoft Teams (free) partnered together so you and your friends have a place to hang out while watching and playing games. You'll have to create or sign into your personal Microsoft account to get the Teams Play Together widget," reads the app's description.

"Screenshare your gameplay via Teams while playing on a Windows 11 PC, and keep the conversation going with video calls which you’ll see via the Game Bar’s video overlay."

Essentially, Microsoft Teams Play Together provides users with a platform where they can interact via chat or video when gaming.

Microsoft Teams Play Together

Microsoft Teams Play Together

This new widget for the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11 let's you hold video calls and share your screen while gaming on your PC.

What's more, users have the capability to engage others by inviting them to watch. However, it's worth noting that you must create or sign in to your personal Microsoft account to access the new entry, as highlighted in the app's description in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft listed the following as the main offerings that ship with the widget:

  • See videos of friends overlaid on top of game
  • Generate and share a link with anyone on any device
  • Up to 20 people can join your call
  • Continue the conversation post-call via chat

You can also check out Microsoft's FAQ page for Play Together in Microsoft Teams for additional information. 

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