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Modern file explorer 'Files' receives update to version 2.3 on Windows 11

Files app for Windows
(Image credit: Files Community)

What you need to know

  • Third-party file explorer Files has received an update to version 2.3.
  • The update adds a compact spacing feature, a new bulk actions experience, and a double-click gesture to navigate through a directory.
  • The app also has a redesigned tab control experience and the option to display tags on the sidebar.

Files is a popular third-party file explorer for Windows 11. It delivers a modern experience that's optimized for touch or a mouse and keyboard. Today, the app received an upgrade to version 2.3, which adds a new bulk action experience and a compact spacing feature.

As the name suggests, compact spacing allows people to view more content on a screen at once by resizing elements of the app. 

Following the update, Files has a redesigned conflicts dialog that allows users to apply the same action to all conflicts. Previously, clicking a dropdown box for each item was required. This interface is also more versatile than the similar feature in the built-in File Explorer for Windows 11.

Files app bulk actions Windows 11

New bulk actions feature in Files (Image credit: Files Community)

Here are all of the other changes that come with Files v2.3:

  • Improved the reliability and speed of drag and drop
  • Added a pull to refresh gesture
  • Removed the minimize and maximize buttons from the properties window
  • Added an animation when clicking on the setting and search buttons
  • Added an option to always show icons instead of thumbnails
  • Improved the spacing in the pathbar
  • Added a chevron to the pathbar to better indicate that there is a flyout menu
  • Reduced the spacing between widgets on the home page
  • Double clicking the grid splitter will now reset panes in the dual pane layout to the default width
  • More file types are now displayed in the “new” item context menu
  • Double clicking in a blank space will now go up one directory in the file tree
  • Adding a tag to a file no longer changes the date modified property
  • Added a shortcut to open folders in the default terminal ctrl + shift + '
  • Added a shortcut to play and pause media in the preview pane ctrl + space
  • Reduced the height of items in the sidebar to allow more items to be displayed at once
  • Invalid favorites and network shares are no longer removed the sidebar
  • Added a context menu to hide sections when right clicking on the sidebar
  • Added support for renaming items in the conflicts dialog
  • Network shares will automatically refresh when their content changes
  • Auto select first item in user list for permissions
  • Auto select the primary button in the empty recycle bin dialog
  • Deleting an item will automatically move the focus to the next item in the list
  • Resizing the window no longer changes the width of columns in the details layout
  • Added examples to the date format setting
  • Improved behavior when trying to name an item with invalid characters
  • Added a notification when copying or moving an item fails
  • Added the archive name to the extract archive dialog
  • Added support for adding tags to items in the search results page
  • Show which process is locking a file

Version 2.3 of Files became avaialble today, July 6, 2022.

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Files - Free

This modern file explorer has an interface that's optimized for touch or a mouse and keyboard. It has a tabbed interface, a sleek design, and recently received an update.

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