Poll: Are OneDrive notifications in the Start menu ads?

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Microsoft rolled out an optional update for Windows 11 this week. The company releases updates like this at the end of each month and then ships them to everyone running the OS on the following Patch Tuesday. This month's optional update included a feature that has caused some debate among PC users.

Windows 11 Build 22621.1485 will show a notification within the Start menu that suggests people back up their files through OneDrive. Microsoft refers to the capability as "notifications for Microsoft accounts in the Start menu" but some have used another name; an advertisement.

Windows 11 will soon show a notification suggesting users back up their files on OneDrive. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft often suggests features to people through Windows 11, such as prompting people to use Microsoft Edge. The nature of these prompts is up for debate. Some view them as intrusive ads while others think they're helpful and let people know about features.

In this week's poll, we'd like to know what you think of the ad.

Windows Central take

I fall in the middle on this topic. I do view the Start menu notification to use OneDrive  as an advertisement, but I don't think it's horrible for Microsoft to show it. Obviously, Microsoft makes money off people paying to use OneDrive, but I think backing up files to the cloud is good practice, so it's reasonable for the tech giant to suggest its own service.

Even if I don't like the ads, Microsoft certainly has the right to promote its services within Windows as long as people can use other software. Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud all work on Windows, making OneDrive just one of many options.

I don't like that the only options shown in Microsoft's image are "Start backup" and "Remind me later." Surely there should be a third option that hides the notification permanently?

If Microsoft is going to suggest features, people need the ability to say no and then not be asked again.

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