Windows 11 will soon suggest which toast notifications to turn off

Windows 11 update in Settings app
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What you need to know

  • Build 22631.1900 and Build 22621.1900 are now available to Insiders in the Beta Channel.
  • The former has new features enabled by default while the latter has new features disabled.
  • Following the update, Windows 11 will keep track of which toast notifications you interact with and suggest turning some notifications off.

Microsoft just shipped two Windows 11 Insider builds to the Beta Channel. Build 22631.1900 (new features on by default) and Build 22621.1900 (new features off by default) only have a couple of changes. Starting with these builds, Windows 11 will monitor which toast notifications you interact with and then suggest turning off notifications from apps you don't interact with.

The latest Insider update also adds support for enhanced connection performance when using Passpoint Wi-Fi networks.

Windows 11 suggesting turning off a notification.

Windows 11 will soon keep track of which notifications you interact with and suggest turning some off. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft outlined the changes in a Windows Insider Blog post:


To minimize distractions from notification toasts, we now detect if the user is interacting with toasts or not and provide a suggestion to turn the toast banners off for such apps. This will only stop the banners from appearing, and you can still find the toasts in the notification center. This feature is beginning to roll out, so not all Insiders in the Beta Channel will see it right away.


Passpoint Wi-Fi networks will now support enhanced connection performance and will display a URL in Quick Settings to provide information to users about the venue or event.

Today's update to the Beta Channel is rather minor when compared to the Dev Channel build that came out this week. That's normal as the Beta Channel is less experimental and more stable than the Dev Channel.

But if you do want to check out what's on the horizon for Windows 11, make sure to check out our coverage of Windows 11 Build 23481. In the release notes for that build, Microsoft shared that it will remove the integrated Teams Chat menu on Windows 11 and several legacy File Explorer options. The company also announced an improved inking experience that's similar to Scribble on iPad. 

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  • MBY
    Maybe this will suggest that I turn off the Phone Link notifications, since those never actually work to bring up the app and show the message. 🙄