Software Updates: Skype, Core Player, HideCarrier

Looks like a bunch of updates are coming along in December. We told you about SlingPlayer last week, Google Maps just today (awesome update) and here are a few others...

First up we have a new Skype beta is out (v2.5), which adds

  • Wide range of resolution support (320x320; VGA)
  • Improved sounds quality
  • Improved stability
  • Brings it closer to the desktop version

Adding about 0.75mb in weight, Skype for WM is now nearly 8mb in size on your device--which is pretty hefty. Still, this new version does run smoother and has better graphics, so it seems to be a good thing. Included is the handy Today plugin is well, where you can launch the app and check/set status.

Next up, the Core Player (see full review here) gets bumped to v1.3. This new version fixes a bunch of bugs, enhances performance and adds some features too like YouTube stream options (from 50 kbps to 2 Mbps), HTTP proxy support. Of course no trial is available, so you either have to upgrade your current version or just by it out right.

Finally, for the Treo 800w users, Zbop has finalized the long awaited "HideCarrier" plugin (click for pics & more info). What this little freebie does is "hide" that Sprint carrier line with those lil' icons to give you more screen real estate. Run in conjunction with TreoAlerts and you have a real winner combo.

Dieter Bohn