Some lucky NVIDIA fans will win RTX keycaps this year

Nvidia Keycap
Nvidia Keycap (Image credit: NVIDIA)

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA will give away special keyboard keycaps that celebrate the company's RTX technology.
  • Keycaps will be given out to select fans of NVIDIA throughout the coming months.
  • The keycaps simply state "RTX ON" and should be compatible with most gaming keyboards.

You may not be able to get your hands on the best graphics cards right now, but NVIDIA has a new way to show off your passion for next-level graphics. The company just shared images of new RTX keyboard keycaps that gamers will be able to win over the coming months. The caps, which simply state "RTX ON," will not be available for purchase. Instead, fans of NVIDIA will have to follow the company on social media to find chances to win.

NVIDIA is a bit vague on who will be able to get an RTX keyboard keycap. "We'll be looking for anyone who has a passion for games, graphics, and technology in our replies, and maybe we'll send you a DM rewarding you with your very own limited edition GeForce RTX keycap," explains the company. It seems likely that people that follow and interact with the company on social media will have a chance to win.

Nvidia Keycap

Source: NVIDIA (Image credit: Source: NVIDIA)

Based on images shared by NVIDIA, the RTX keycaps should work with most of the best gaming keyboards.

All of the best NVIDIA GPUs feature RTX technology. Support for RTX allows PCs to work with ray tracing and other AI technologies that improve gameplay. Well over 100 of the best PC games support RTX.

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