It looks as though at least some users are running into problems using the Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 Mobile following its latest update. According to tips we've received, some users who have updated to the latest version have been met with a screen telling them their app is out of date, with instructions to uninstall and switch to the latest version.

Some users prompted to uninstall Facebook Beta for Windows 10 Mobile following update

It's unclear how many users are seeing this prompt, and we should note we haven't seen it on our end yet. However, given the official Facebook app for Windows 10 PCs just launched a week ago, it's entirely possible we could see the beta gradually phased out ahead of an official launch on Windows 10 Mobile.

Have you been prompted to uninstall the Facebook Beta following the last update? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for the tips, George and Vincenzo!