Soulslike 'Mortal Shell' features higher resolution on Xbox One X

Mortal Shell
Mortal Shell (Image credit: Cold Symmetry)

Mortal Shell Press

Source: Cold Symmetry (Image credit: Source: Cold Symmetry)

What you need to know

  • Mortal Shell is an upcoming Dark Souls-like game from Code Symmetry.
  • It's getting Xbox One X upgrades.
  • The game runs at 30 frames per second, but features a much higher resolution on Xbox One X.
  • The resolution appears to be around 1440p to 1800p at first glace.

Mortal Shell is an upcoming Dark Souls clone that's coming to Xbox One and PC soon. In Windows Central's preview, Jordan Palmer wrote, "Frankly, if you wanted a harder version of From Software's classic, Mortal Shell is for you. It captures what made Dark Souls' difficulty so endearing: once you overcome that obstacle that's had you stuck for a while, you get this intense feeling of euphoria and satisfaction. Mortal Shell did an excellent job at this in the bit I played, and I can't wait for the full release to really punish myself."

Many Xbox One X owners have been wondering if the title features Xbox One X enhancements. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. A source familiar with the game set us images and videos featuring a high-resolution menu on Xbox One X and a game that runs at 30 frames per second. The resolution doesn't appear to be 4K, but it may be around 1440p or 1800p.

If you were worried about getting the game on Xbox One X and being disappointed with a lack of information on its Xbox One X enhancements, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

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  • Prepare for a lot of news like this one. PS5 just won't be that powerful Amazing game anyway
  • you got baited into believing he was comparing this to a Ps4 pro..., and you are like many Xbox fanboys ready to believe anything.., not even once, was this compared to the ps4 pro (which actually runs a tick smother than the Xbox One X, with 30% less Gpu.., the XSX with only 15-18% gpu difference to PS5, .. but less customised gpu and way slower ssd than the PS5 , will not run 3rd party better.., in fact the PS5 is so easy to optimise on, 3rd parties will have more time to polish games on the ps5.., reason why many big names will be willing to do more timed exclusives on the PS5..)
    eitherway the Xbox One X has better resolution than the Xbox One S version, is what this misleading article is trying to say
    (MS so desperate, they are trying to misslead Xbox fans :/...)
  • much higher Resolution than what? the Xbox One S ofc. another half truth, trying to sell this, as if it runs better than on Ps4 Pro (which actually has the slight better framrates than the One X, even if barely noticable.., just like the slight resolution difference from the X and S versions are barely noticable during gameplay..) Missleading, half truths, flip flopping or straight out lies are the only things MS can still preach atm about XSX and Xbox in general??
    ... Real Xbox fans need to get more vocal!