Splinter Cell reboot possibly in development, following trademark filing

It's been almost four years since the last entry to the "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" franchise, with the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist back in 2013. Although Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and other offshoots of the Tom Clancy's series have seen new entries, Sam Fisher's adventures have been put on a notable hiatus.

We now have a hope of a new Splinter Cell game on the horizon, following a recent trademark filing from the series' publisher, Ubisoft. As seen on Justia (via SomosXbox), the recently-filed new trademark covers the name "Splinter Cell" within the entertainment sector. If anything, this looks to a reboot of the series, potentially ahead of an announcement at the company's press E3 2017 press conference next week.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumors of a new Splinter Cell title, after a NeoGAF user dropped information on a project supposedly in the works. "Crossing Eden," who had previously established a solid track record for Ubisoft leaks, outlined the company's plans for a new title. The game would also bring back Michael Ironside – voice actor of Sam Fisher in previous Splinter Cell games.

With E3 just around the corner, we'll only be waiting a couple days to see if the trademark filing is indicative of a new title. If true, this will be the first Splinter Cell game for current generation consoles, so we may see some significant improvements. Let us know what you think of a Splinter Cell reboot in the comments.

Matt Brown

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  • YES! This is awesome news, albeit it doesn't prove anything, it's still exciting.
  • Really wanted to play Blacklist been waiting patiently for it to come to Backwards Compatiblity
  • This ^
    One of the best games ever!
  • AS a stealth guy this really excites me.
  • You beauty, love Splinter Cell
  • Oh yeah!!
  • I don't really like stealth games, more of a shoot em up kinda guy, however I did like these games, I Would definitely buy the next installment, especially if it was going to be Scorpion Ready!!!! 😜
  • Still remember that amazing moment in Conviction in co-op where the last mission was to kill eachother... Me and my friend both went quiet on our headsets... Ran towards eachother guns at the ready... I ended up killing him and getting the achievement, he screamed NOOOOOO as I popped a bullet into his head! Amazing end to a great game
  • He did get me back for that with Borderlands 2, the claptrap high five achievement which he already had.... I was soo pissed haha
  • Haha I loved that mission, me and my friend was playing split screen I said wait we will try find a way out told him to check a door and then I went rogue and shot him in the back of the head lol
  • If Ubisoft announces this at E3, I'll finally actually care about their event :P Blacklist was awesome, like all the other SC games. We DESERVE a new one!
  • Hopefully this means that they will release the previous games as backwards compatible. to get people interested in the series again.
  • I liked nearly all Splnter Cells but Chaos Theory was the best, whereas Conviction was the worse. Perhaps they will be wise enough to bring Michael Ironside back to the role.
  • I'm really looking forward to this! Too bad Tom Clancy is around though!
  • Change the character. The original voice char retired, so Sam fisher should too.
  • I'm eagerly awaiting a new Splinter Cell. Can't wait for it. Now I only need a new Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, Legacy of Kain and Alan Wake.
  • Hopefully they make it "chaos theory" style, the best splinter cell!