Quick tip: How to customize your Corsair PC fans with a quick blast of spray paint

Corsair fan rings

Should you find taking a fan apart or painting the entire unit to be off the table, options like these can be both time and life savers. Today we'll take a quick look at the results of spending half an hour painting the colored rings bundled with Corsair SP and AF series fans.

Each fan purchased comes with three rings that can be attached to one side of the cooler. The three colors are red, blue, and white. This is great for anyone needing one of the said options for a PC build, but what if you need a green, black, pink, or orange? This is where a can of paint spray comes into action. Grab some newspaper or a surface you don't mind spraying some color onto and we're good to go.

It's best to read through the instructions on the side of the can before applying any particles to the rings. We were tasked with shaking for a good minute and then applying an even coat from around 20-30cm away. It's better to do a thin layer with each coating rather than go all out with a heavy coat on the first pass, and don't forget to flip them over and spray the rear.

After allowing the rings to dry and inspecting them to ensure all sides are the correct color, it's simply a case of snapping them back onto the fans themselves. Mission accomplished!

Corsair fan rings

How do you personalize fans inside a PC case?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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