Sprint knocks HTC Arrive's price down to $99

Sprint has lowered the on-contract price of the HTC Arrive, arguably one of the best Gen 1 phones (see review), from $199 to $99. While you can find it cheaper on Amazon Wireless, when carriers lower the price it's a sign usually of the device's "life" winding down. So is Sprint getting ready to get rid of the Arrive? We're doubtful--the device clearly has a few more months left in it and we're not betting on any Sprint Gen 2 device news till CES in January.

The only thing we can tell you that we've heard is Sprint is one of the carrier's not throwing money at Nokia for their first US Windows Phone (Yeah, it's AT&T and Verizon, fighting for it, shocker). Take that as you will. The Arrive is a great phone though and for those who need a keyboard, it's pretty killer even at $99. Still, lets hope that Sprint gets at least two devices come winter.

Source: Sprint; Thanks, Cory S., Reese and Maria, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I've been saying for a while now for those who were expecting new phones around this time. Sprint and Verizon got their phones in spring. So it will be no surprise if they got a new Windows Phone coming in spring again. Plus, Tango is said to support LTE which would make sense if it's coming around March (spring). We could expect Sprint and Verizon new phones to be pre-loaded with Tango like the first gen phones were pre-loaded with NoDo. If that doesn't happen, then we know Sprint is not supporting WP7 at all
  • Also, am I the only one having issues with the physical keyboard with that keyboard bug? It seems like Arrive users aren't being vocal about it. It effects the physical keyboard as well, It's not just a on screen keyboard problem. Everyone thinks it's just the on screen keyboard cause most WP owners don't have a physical keyboard
  • I've never once had a problem typing on my Quantum, which also has a keyboard.
  • I know I'm not tripping. The text field goes grey and the backlight on the keyboard turns off while I'm typing. I have to tap on the text field again so I can type. Sometimes I have to do it multiple times, sort of like when the on screen keyboard disappears multiple times at once. It never did this with NoDo and it's driving me crazy. It's really annoying. I wish I could catch it on video so you guys could see what I'm talking about
  • I have tghe Arrive you're not the only person I get the same thing too. Sometimes while using the keyboard the bug affects it the same way as the virtual keyboard
  • Me too... doesn't happen TOO often, but it has definitely happened.
    How about the Mango bug where sliding the keyboard open OR shut, pauses music playback through headphones?  That one annoys the living daylights out of me, and did NOT happen with the Mango Beta...
  • Thanks guys. I feel alot better now. I felt like I was the only one
  • Whoa! For the first time since the phone launched, I see it on Sprint's homepage...  They haven't advertised this phone at all but now that they've dropped the price it gets a tile on the main site. Sure, it's the bottom tile but it's there which is a huge leap forward from the company that was still pushing the Evo and Epic 4G over new handsets when these came out in April.
    If I weren't ready to leave Sprint I might have bought one for my wife but we're done. Whenever we see what Nokia is bringing to the states, we'll figure out which carrier we're jumping to early next year.
  • I have the HTC Arrive through Sprint. I love my WP7 and never could understand why Sprint wasn't promoting this phone more. As far as the disappearing keyboard, please let me know who I should submit a complaint to??? I normally use the on screen keyboard, which disappears sometimes but not always. Of course, as I was typing this post, my on screen keyboard decided to take a hike. I haven't experienced a problem with the slide out keyboard...yet.
  • Once you start using the physical keyboard as your primary keyboard and have more apps that use background tasks, you'll see what I'm talking about
  • Is this a Microsoft issue?
  • I myself am seriously thinking of leaving Sprint for AT&T. The Sprint reps actually don't even want to sell the WP. It's sad that some carriers are totally Android and thats not good. WP is going to take 1st over Android and Sprint will be loosing customers by the thousands.
  • Dude, I love WP7 as much as the rest of the readers here, but lets not get ahead of ourselves with taking over the 1st place spot.
  • Should be number one, but will never happen without advertising and the carriers promoting the WP7. I know a lot of people who have never even heard of the WP7. Sad but true...
  • First time I used the tip tab and my name is in lights! YAYYYYYY!
  • I would be surprised if Sprint did anything for Windows Phone at CES 2012 or any other time. They are moving to discontinue the HTC Arrive already. I can't wait to get out of my Sprint contract.
  • I've got 72 apps installed and 8 of them (besides the OS) are running background tasks. I have not experienced any keyboard bugs; neither the physical keyboard or the virtual. I had to practically hunt down a rep that would sell me an Arrive. They all kept pointing me to android. Hope that Sprint has other WP devices in mind for when my 2 year contract finalizes. So far this Arrive has been a great move from the Palm pre.
  • Caught the Arrive at the Microsoft Windows phone site for Free....$0.00,  that was the final Palm Pre - straw.  Fortunatly will retire the Pre Fully working so I will have that for a B/U