Stacks For Instapaper 3.0 Update: Windows Phone 8 features on-board

Last week we covered the Stacks for Instapaper app for Windows 8, it’s safe to say we think it’s the best way to use Instapaper on your Windows 8 tablet right now. As part of that review we also did a sneak peak of the coming update to the Windows Phone 8 app. Today it has arrived.

The update essentially brings a host of improvements to the mobile app to bring it visually in line with the Windows 8 app while taking on some new features provided by Windows Phone 8.

The app firstly picks up a new icon, instead of the blue papers it’s a simple letter S, it fits much better with the Metro style of Windows Phone. As well as that you’ll be able to pin content to the start screen as double wide tiles, which will update with the story titles. You also get to add quick notifications to your Windows 8 lock screen. Here is a list of the changes:

Version 3.0

  • New UI
  • Total offline support
  • Windows Phone 8 support
  • Lock screen Notification
  • New Tile with title
  • Secondary Tile for an bookmark

I have been lucky enough to have been using the updated version for the last week or so and its been performing like a champ. The improvements to the look and feel for the app are great and as previously mentioned in my review of Stacks for Windows 8 having the two together means less time thinking about how different user interfaces work. Having a unified interface simply makes more sense.

The app does need a subscription to Instapaper to use as is clearly stated on the Windows Phone Store, which is totally separate to the app so if you wish to try it you need to ensure you subscribe via Instapaper first.

The app is available from the Windows Phone Store here and you can also get it by scanning the QR code below. If you already have the app then using either way should prompt you to update it.

QR: Stacks For Instapaper

Robert Brand