It is no secret that Starbucks is working on an app for Windows 10. While the app was speculated to be arriving a few weeks ago, the latest information put the app in the late stages of testing.

Now, a subsection of the official Starbucks site dedicated to their mobile apps shows the Windows 10 app along with details and the Store badge. The Store link, as you can guess, is not listed yet making it a placeholder for now. Nonetheless, you can get a glimpse of what the app will look like and features it will have upon release:

  • Pay for your order
  • Earn and track Star Rewards
  • Find a store
  • Check your balance and add funds to your Starbucks Card (with debit/credit card, Visa Checkout or PayPal)
  • Send gift cards

It should be evident that we are very close to this app hitting the Store and may, in fact, be tied to the August 2 launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. No word if the app will work on Windows 10 for PC too, but being presumably a UWP app it may.

We'll keep you posted on when the app does finally go live.

Thanks, Shawn G., for the tip!