Steam's Winter Sale goes live with oodles of big PC game deals

Nowadays, it feels like Steam doesn't go more than a month without running some sort of major sale. That rings particularly true as we approach the end of the year, as Steam has just kicked off its annual Winter Sale just under a month after ending a similarly large Autumn sale in November.

The Steam Winter Sale essentially has become a ritual event for PC gamers at this point, and it's not hard to see why: An absolute boatload of games are up for grabs at pretty hefty discounts. Those range from smaller titles like Life is Strange: Before the Storm at 30 percent off, to major triple-A games like Middle-earth: Shadow of War, also at a 30 percent discount. Even older gems, such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City, can be picked up for substantial discounts.

Steam Winter Sale

There's far too much in the full sale, but here's a look at some of the highlights.

If Steam's list of sales isn't doing anything for you, it's worth noting that EA is also currently offering a number of discounts on games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Titanfall with its own annual holiday sale on Origin. For more, you can see the full list of game deals at each storefront.

Have you spotted anything that strikes your fancy? Let us know what you plan to pick up in the comments.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Planet Coaster is 75% off, it's $15 in Canada, cheaper than what it went on sale for back in November, which was only 55% off
  • Knew the Steam sale was soon, GOG is always right before them.
  • Darn, no discount on the one thing I want but can't get from GOG (Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn), but did pick up For the King
  • Will there be something like this on the Xbox Store, or was Black Friday the last big sale we had this year? I want to buy some games, but I'm waiting for some discounts.
  • There's a huge sale on right now :)
  • What happened to the Flash Sales they had daily that gave you even-better discounts? Some of these are good deals (Planet Coaster), but the majority are pretty weak, at 25-50% off. It used to be that 50% was a starting point for the decent stuff on Steam. Was really hoping to get a bunch of decent, cheap VR titles, but it seems like the most only do 25-50% off, and Cuphead is only 15% off, which makes me wantto wait for a Play Anywhere sale on the Windows Store.
  • There were so many complaints from people that missed the daily Flash Sales, or from those that bought items on day one of the sale and then got pissed when the item appeared in a FS a couple of days later.
    So now they just discount items for the length of the sale.