Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled their Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. The $150 accessory is a high-end, modular control pad for gamers who want that extra edge. Everything from removable parts to customize the look and feel is included, giving the user a new level of control not previously seen on consoles.

So how was it? Watch our video interview with Microsoft Project Manager to get an idea of why they made this and how they developed it.

Studying elite gamers for hours on end and then making this hardware was no trivial task. Microsoft and Xbox team though are no amateurs when it comes to making hardware.

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Admittedly, the quality of the controller is top notch, and it feels worth every dollar they are charging for it. Whether or not you 'need' it is another question, but if we were given a choice, we'd grab this thing in a jiffy.

Want in on the action? You can now pre-order your Elite controller, which is due in October right here from Microsoft.

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