Styx: Master of Shadows now available for Xbox One

Styx: Master of Shadows is now available on Xbox One for $29.99. In the game you play as Styx a goblin who is determined to infiltrate the Tower of Akenash in order to steal the heart of the World Tree relying on combat. Styx: Master of Shadows offers about 15 hours of pure stealth game play such as hiding in shadows, sneaking up on enemies, and causing distractions.

The game takes gamers back to the roots of the stealth genre by forcing players to be clever instead of constantly relying on combat. Since Styx is so small and nimble he can easily hide underneath tables and inside pots. Styx also has the ability to clone himself in order to use it as a decoy against enemies.

So far, Styx: Master of Shadows looks to be a breath of fresh air for players who love stealth games. However, I can't help but feel as if the price point is a little too steep to be contending against indies and the bigger titles coming out during this period. Time will tell!

Jonathan Dollison