Subway Surfers. The endless runner to end all endless runners. At least, that’s how we think of it. The popular themed game is continuing its world tour today by leaving warm, sunny Miami and heading to Seoul, South Korea.

And no, there is still no 512 MB support, so if that’s what you’re curious about, you can stop reading now.

Trading in pink flamingos for little robots, the game has an all new South Korean theme, with rivers, paper lights, spritely colors and new missions. Sure, it’s just a theme, but we like the gimmick of ‘world tour’ for the game as it certainly keeps it looking fresh, as opposed to other endless runners which are the same, day in, day out.

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Like other past world tours, this one will span three weeks. Each week, you can try to collect a certain amount of robots and if you do so, you can grab yourself some secret prizes. It’s a fun, little side project to work on.

Unfortunately, this is still limited to devices with 1 GB or more of RAM.

Pick up Subway Surfers: Seoul, here in the Store or scan the QR code below. Thanks, Guy Kh., for the tip

QR: subway