Grab an 8-pack of Sugru moldable glue available in several colors for $16

Sugru's 8-pack of black moldable glue is currently down to $15.99. The pack normally sells for around $20, and today's deal is the lowest we've seen in more than six months.


Sugru 8-pack black white gray multi-color moldable glue

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it is broke, use Sugru.

Several different versions are on sale right now. Grab an 8-pack at this same price in black, white, black and white, black and white and gray, or the new colors pack.

Sugru is a self-setting rubber which can form to the shape of your choosing to repair, modify or add onto another object. When you first remove Sugru from its package, it has the consistency of Play-Doh allowing you to mold it into whatever you wish. After 30 minutes of being out of the package and up to around 24 hours afterward, the Sugru will harden and stay in the shape you formed permanently.

Many people use Sugru to accomplish simple tasks such as covering up exposed wiring of cables or re-attaching tiny pieces to broken household items, but really there are countless ways to use this product if you put your mind to the task. The restrictions of this product are slim, and Sugru will even stay firm in wet places like your shower and laundry machine making it applicable in every room of your house.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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