A supersized face-off: The Nokia Lumia 1520 against the Galaxy Note 3 and Xperia Z Ultra

Announced today in Abu Dhabi at Nokia World 2013, the new Lumia 1520 is a step into the realms of the supersized smartphone. Make no mistake, it's a large phone, but it isn't the only supersized smartphone out there. Taking a tour of the booth, we've managed to snag a quick side-by-side comparison of the Lumia 1520 with a couple of the leading large phones from Sony and Samsung; the Xperia Z Ultra and the Galaxy Note 3. Suddenly, the Lumia doesn't seem quite so huge.

As you can see here, it sits in the middle of the three. A little taller than the Galaxy Note 3, but still somewhat dwarfed by the insanely large Xperia Z Ultra. All three have 1080p displays, but size only tells half the story. Of the three, the Lumia 1520 gives the best feeling in the hand. The gentle curves at the edges make a real difference on something this large. The Xperia Z Ultra is basically a giant rectangular slab, with straight edges that makes holding it much more uncomfortable.

The Note 3 doesn't suffer in this respect, but the textured back doesn't feel as sleek as the polycarbonate on the 1520. One thing all three do have in common; unless you have giant man hands you'll be using two hands to use all of them. All three are part of a demonstration on their respective displays, and how each fares in bright sunlight. It was pretty difficult to capture on camera – and the Z Ultra kept turning off – but the Lumia 1520 is a clear winner.

Also, just for kicks, the iPhone 5 is thrown in, and again the 1520 comes out on top in terms of outdoor visibility. It also shows just how large the Lumia 1520 is – or how small the iPhone is, if you want to look at it that way. That image is a couple of clicks below. Does this change any of your perceptions on the size of the new device?

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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