Microsoft today made preorders available for the latest addition to the Surface PC family, the powerful Surface Book 2. It's expected be available on November 16, 2017.{.intro}

The Surface Book 2 is aimed mostly at professionals, or people who simply want the best Windows experience available today, and it does not come cheap, with prices starting at $1,499 and shooting up to $2,999.

But you get what you pay for, and the Surface Book 2 sure looks like one impressive machine with top-of-the-line specs, power (and GPU) enough for Windows Mixed Reality and legit gaming, and the ability to blow through many resource-intensive tasks without hesitation.

Still, it may be a hard sell for folks who don't really need a new PC or who simply don't have the cash to drop on a pricey new Surface. (I just bought the new Surface Pro a few months ago, but that Surface Book 2 has my name all over it, and I just might have to sell the Pro to get me a Book)

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We want to hear from you, though. So vote in our poll below and let the Windows Central community know. Surface Book 2 is expensive … but, damn, it's also slick, right? (I already ordered mine ... )

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Updated November 9, 2017: We tweaked this post to make it clear that Surface Book 2 preorders are now available and republished it to ask readers whether they're buying one or not.

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