Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 with 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage on sale in U.S.

Best microSD expansion cards for Surface Book
Best microSD expansion cards for Surface Book

Microsoft is selling its most expensive versions of its Surface Book 2-in-1 notebook and its Surface Pro 4 tablet in the U.S. Both of them have 16GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage along with Intel Core i7 processors.

The new version of the Surface Book will only be sold online on the Microsoft Store site and other sites. It is priced at $3,199 in the U.S. The Surface Pro 4 will be available both online and in retail stores. It will cost $2,699 in the U.S. Both products are also supposed to be on sale in Canada, but as of this writing they are not yet available in that country.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • When is the Surface Pro 4 LTE coming?
  • On the way..... But maybe late because of traffic
  • Due to a RTA I heard....
  • Soon™
  • Seems like normal prices, not "on sale".
  • Over $3K and still cant sleep properly and no fix in sight, bargain.
  • That's what you get when you're loyal to Microsoft
  • Apparently.  My patience is running thin.  Not to mention, Edge browser is totally garbage... crashes a lot... youtube videos hardly ever play, etc.  
  • I think Microsoft needs extra one year to make it complete
  • Im yet to experience any of the problems people get with the surface pro 4. All that happened to me was that the grove music app crashed when i tried to get into it's settings. Nothing else and i use it constantly
  • I don't get these issues with Edge that everyone is always clamoring about... If anything I've had it crash once or twice while on Tumblr but that's a very resource intensive website to browse anyway.
  • I agree. Chrome has been my go to browser for years now and out had begun to exhibit a lot more crashes and hangs on my workstation than edge. Edge is actually measurably faster in many things for me. Only downside is lack of java and plugin support for my work related tasks like WebEx and oracle stuff.
  • That stuff is considered legacy, and Edge only supports HTML5, so I think it's a good idea to use IE11 for legacy stuff untill they update it for pure HTML5. I don't want to see Edge degrading like IE11 by adding non-standard stuff like plug-ins or other nasty things (ActiveX?)
  • A brower that cannot invoke JAVA Applets is pretty sad IMO. My hope is that they are working on a methodology to get it to function as any other "modern" browser already does. Unless corporations are on-board, it would be hard to drive the Edge usage numbers to anything noteworthy. But yes, it is a balancing act between usability and security/speed that needs to be executed to near perfection for Edge to be successfull.  
  • Edge works fine on my laptop. Works like a charm on windows 10 Home. I just need extensions now and features which it's lacking. Wonder why it still crashes for u. It's more of a hardware problem than a software part. And foe watching videos we have mytube and tube cast too.
  • My only problem with edge is the lacking context menus. I miss right clicking on a page and getting to refresh, add to favorites, or even viewing the source info of an image to copy and share its link location in an email.
  • The eff are you on? Edge has always had context menus. To copy the link of an image, right click on image, then click "Copy" or "Copy picture". Refresh is in the toolbar or you can press F5. Add to Favorites/Reading list is on the toolbar as well.
  • I agree. Even on my new Surface Book, it's crashed multiple times, been slow and unresponsive, and it's even fully crashed (blue screened) my laptop with what I would consider light browsing. When that last event happened, I vowed to stop giving Microsoft a chance with their subpar browser and switched back to Chrome, which I've been using for years on all my other devices. One person who also replied mentioned it's a hardware issue. Well if you're saying my Surface Book with an i7 and dedicated GPU can't even handle ~five tabs in a web browser, then Microsoft made some really bad $2000+ hardware.
  • Take it in it's probably defective
  • Edge browser is fine, never crashes on me at all. at least not at all in the last couple of months.
  • All I use Edge for is Youtube and other videos, because FireFox and Waterfox go **** up when playing video. IDK if I'm triping but, after yesterday's update no ads on Youtube show in Edge.
  • I use Edge almost exclusively on my HP Spectre. I watch a lot of YouTube with no crashes but it will hang momentary at times but not nearly enough to be annoying.
  • My Surface Book (512 GB version) seems to sleep just fine.
  • Thanks for the constructive feedback. One guy isn't having problems. Time to close up shop, there's no problems here.
  • Maybe the one's having issues are the loudest.
  • Actually I counted at least eight people who aren't having problems - more if you count the people I know in real life who are doing just fine as well. Maybe, just maybe the people having issues are the outliers. Crazy idea, I know. It's easier to claim you got ripped off than to accept that sometimes you get a defective unit.
  • The upcharge on extra storage is hilariously ridiculous.
  • Puff puff give Microsoft. Come back to me when theses models are $2000 (or cheaper).   These things still wont sell at those prices (outside of large corporations that dont care about blowing tons of customer cash)
  • That i can agree on with you there. These devices are overpriced to be honest with that cash you can get a much more powerful desktop that out-shines the surface.    
  • What I find funny are the people comparing the prices between two different form factors.  If you haven't noticed already, you will always have to pay a premium for more storage space and portability.  Devices with similar specs sell for close to this.  Would I pay $2700-$3000 for one of these puppies.  No.
  • If you are complaining about the price, chances are you are not the target demographic. And the Surface Book sells just fine, I know multiple people who paid for one out of pocket and love it. Also, @Judah You can't carry your desktop with you, nor can you write and draw on it without adding extra peripherals. You are paying for power in a very portable, highly engineered package. While you can get a more powerful desktop for that price, the Surface Book is no slouch either.
  • I'm a cheapskate at heart. But my perspective is skewed as well. I got my original Surace Pro 128GB at (the now defunct) Microsoft TechEd conference back in 2013 for a cool $499! :)  
  • Yeah, you got the hookup. :-)
  • Actually they sold every one they made in the first two batches in like hours. At the most a day. So no worries about selling them. I wonder how long they'll have them in stock...
  • In "like" hours, or just in hours?
  • No thanks. My 2012 surface pro is just doing fine!
  • I'm also using mine.  But it's getting very hard to resist the urge to upgrade.
  • I did upgrade from SP2 to SP3.
    Massive difference.
  • For the gamers. I need one.
  • For gaming, there are much better options for the price.  Unless you really need a 2 in 1.
  • Or perhaps you're a gamer that doesn't mind paying more for a sexy piece of kit.
  • John - At least in the US, when you say that something is "on sale", that implies that the price has been reduced.  Better to say "available for purchase". And why does the comment box on Windows Central perform so badly and drop so many characters?  I have to type my comments in Notepad and paste them in.  At least in IE 11.
  • That is what I thought.  These are "On Sale" prices?  WOW.  Oh, no, they're not on sale..
  • If something goes on sale it is on the market for purchase. The writer needs to just make it "goes on sale." The verb modifier alters the context.
  • Maybe it should read, "For Sale"
  • Yes, for sale not on sale
  • on sale phrase of sale       1.     offered for purchase.     "the November issue is on sale now"     2.     North American     offered for purchase at a reduced price.     "the crash put stocks on sale by slashing prices"
  • Of course, now I see that Microsoft used the same terminology in their blog posts about it.
  • I thought I was alone in the character dropping camp, welcome! It's browser related as no issues exist with Firefox or Chrome. Edge has same issues on my workstation.
  • Yuck. They need to offer that much RAM in lower end models. I'm not spending more than 3,000$ just to get 8 more gigabytes of RAM.
  • The 512gig version also has 16gigs of RAM and it's only $2699.
  • Still way too expensive of a price point for a component that is extremely cheap.
  • That's one reason I decided not to get one. I am fine with an i5, but wanted 16GB/256GB - no can do unless you're on the i7 with 512GB - $800 more. MS should have one in between.
  • Some of the ones having issues are the very loudest, others don't take the time to comment just as most of those with no issues don't bother to comment.
  • My sb shipped today. It's my first new laptop in 6 years. Maxed out serves a purpose. I agree that it's expensive, but take in account the operational life span I'm not complaining and was happy to be able to buy one.
  • Judging from review online it seems like a toss up with regards to people having issues and others not. I for one am not having many, once in a blue moon it will crash when reconecting the screen but it's not very common at all. I have set it to hibernate when I close the lid and all is good. I have owned the original surface pro and the surface pro 3 and this machine is just fantastic, it is a joy to use and am loving the screen, battery life and its performance. (i5 version with dgpu)
  • Expensive
  • I got my surface book doe fantastic price during sales offer, core I7 16Ram with 512gb SDD for just over £1800 and did the box opening same pre-order went out in the Uk.
    Count myself locky
  • Sweet! 16gb 1tb here I come. That is some insane power.