Got a Surface Book? Make sure you check for Day 1 updates

Not only did Microsoft open their flagship store today in NYC, but the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book went on sale to the public. Supply of both devices is tight, but for those who pre-ordered early enough you should hopefully be unboxing yours now or very soon.

Just a quick reminder that for both devices you will want to check for Windows updates before diving into the new hardware. Our new Surface Book (unboxing coming up) has numerous system updates including a 'System Hardware Update' from October 23.

Check for Windows Updates

1. Go to Notifications and select All Settings

2. Choose Update & Security

3. Windows Update

4. Press Check for Updates

Numerous review of this device mentioned early software bugs that were ironed out after production and that update in particular addresses those early issues. The updates won't take too long to download, but you will need to do a quick reboot. Luckily with this update you'll be able to use Windows Hello's facial recogniation on both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Of course, Windows will update itself in the background at some point anyway. However, if you want the best experience out the gate, you'll want to get these patches out of the way.

Finally, besides Windows Update make sure you check the Store. There too you'll find numerous updates for core Windows apps and services. Indeed, even after _those_updates when we checked the Store again we had another round (some apps are dependent on others), so check and double check.

Check for app updates in the Store

1. Open the Store

2. Push your avatar and choose Downloads and Updates

3. Press Check for Updates

Now that the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are in people's hands there will likely be other fixes and optimizations in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for those and also our review of the Surface Book scheduled for next week!

Need more help? Head into our Surface forums for assistance!

Daniel Rubino

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