Surface Book with Performance Base and Surface Dial now on sale

Both he new Surface Book with Performance Base and the Surface Dial accessory are now officially on sale. While both new Surface products were previously available for pre-order, they're now officially available to buy at the Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

To recap, the Surface Book with Performance Base is meant to offer an extra boost in performance over the original Surface Book lineup introduced in 2015. The rather expensive model packs not only increased battery life, but also some extra graphical power thanks to an upgraded GPU. We came away pretty impressed in our review of the latest addition to the Surface Book lineup, but it is on the expensive side of things.

As an aside, Microsoft notes that it has also extended its trade-in offer for current Mac users (opens in new tab) through November 23 — just in case you were thinking of trading up.

As for the Surface Dial, the new accessory allows some pretty unique interactions with apps that support it, as we've already seen. And while it's best paired with the upcoming Surface Studio, which will allow you to use the Dial directly on its screen, the Surface Dial can pair up with any Windows PC. At the moment, the Microsoft Store is sold out of its Surface Dial stock, but you can still order from Best Buy or pre-order from the Microsoft Store for delivery "later this year."

Are you planning to pick up either new Surface product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Excellent news, I want to buy a Surface Dial straight away ... uh ... wait, this is only available in the US, and I am in the UK... hence I can't buy it! Another excellent product from Microsoft no-one (non-US) can buy! I chatted with a UK Microsoft online store representative, and they have no idea when this is likely to be available in the UK... perhaps at the same time than the Surface Studio (ie Q2/Q3 2017?)? it's no fair... Microsoft doesn't want my money! ;-) 
  • I'll take your money of your that ambition to separate with it
  • send me your $$, I'll buy it and send it to you. I only charge a small convenience fee.
  • Did you try Amazon UK?
  • yeah, I tried Amazon UK, DE, NL, FR... Microsoft UK, etc, none of them even list the surface dial nor keyboard etc... I guess this will be another long waiting game, yet again (MS Band 1)...
  • They said there would be a wider rollout in Q1.
  • I want to buy a Surface Dial. yeah, I'll have to get it imported to my country, of course, like any other Surface or Microsoft product (except for Xbox stuff, and then I can't find any Xbox One S controller in a store, but well). I think it can be a nice peripheral to have around, and it will get more useful with time.
  • "On sale" = currently available at discount for a limited time unless you're outside of North America "Available for purchase", "now selling", "being sold" = what you meant. As an RSS subscriber with limited time to click on article details this is frustrating. Try to use phrases with universal meaning in your headlines and teaser text 
  • Moaned about this sort of lazy headlines. I too wish they could try and remember the global audience. In some respects though they are better than they once where, always room for improvement though.
  • I was thinking this but I didn't know where the author is from so I just not to comment on it
  • The Dial would work well on Surface Pro 4 and Book just as good as it does on the Studio, right?
  • It doesn't right now. But they are supposedly working on a firmware update so that it can be used like in the Studio demo. Right now it only works using Bluetooth on all windows 10 devices.
  • Firmware update needed for it to work on the screen vs. your desk but won't work as well due to screen size difference.
  • Got my Surface Dial today! Was completely surprised to find it works as a jog dial with premier pro out of the box!
  • Got my Dial today too, but haven't tried it. Was shipped as a free offer with Studio. My Studio will ship around Dec 15. Got it from BestBuy.
  • Wow, didn't know Best Buy was carrying the Surface Studio.
  • Another vote for availability outside of the US! I'd really like the Studio and Dial but importing the former would be nigh impossible, especially if a warranty issue arose...
  • For those that now have it, are actions customizable outside of apps and software? How does it work with Office? Does it really not work with the desktop version of OneNote?
  • "Both he new Surface Book with Performance Base and the Surface Dial accessory are now officially on sale." #typopatrol