Surface Book ad shows the 2-in-1 laptop at work and play

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000
Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

The Surface Book was perhaps the highlight of Microsoft's hardware announcements this week. The upcoming 2-in-1 laptop is the subject of a one-minute TV commercial that was quietly posted on the official Surface YouTube channel.

The ad shows how the Surface Book could be used in pretty much any kind of profession. Among other things, it shows a composer writing music with the notebook, along with an artist sketching on the touchscreen display with the Surface Pen. There's also a sprinter that's being tracked by cameras that collect data on the run that can be analysed by the Surface Book, and an article is shown using the notebook to display a virtual version of a building that's still under construction.

Hands-on with the Microsoft Surface Book

The Surface Book is scheduled to start shipping on October 26 for the starting price of $1,499, with pre-orders now available at Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store.

Update: Microsoft has now released a 30-second version of the Surface Book TV ad:

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Source: Surface (YouTube)

John Callaham
  • Was hopin for the dancing krew again. They were great during surface 1 and 2
  • +1
  • Yeah, MS really goes out of their way to advertise their products, be careful or the general public might find out they sell phones too.
  • Ha ha ha! Good one!
  • I really hope MS is going to market the SB at all here in the Netherlands. The marketing is very VERY bad (do they even have a marketing department) from MS here.
  • Did the official battery time get listed for when it is undocked? I heard since it is called a "Clipboard" when undocked that the battery life will be different than a Surface Pro 4.
  • Undocked it is three hours. I was at the event. Undocked three hours, while the dock, well, keyboard, holds the gpu and nine hour battery. With keyboard it runs 30% faster than Pro 4. Undocked, 50% than Pro 3.
  • Thanks for the info...that really isn't too bad considering what this device is tempting to move to this device.
  • Much different. I've read around 3 hrs for just the clipboard part.
  • 3 hours
  • Copying Apple again by going after people's emotions. Makes me want to vomit. Although, I will say going after Apple's market is a bold move. I wish them great success!
  • Going after people's emotions is the essence of marketing.
  • Yeah, I guess what makes me vomit is that people are so susceptible to this kind of blatant manipulation.
  • @lippid, name one advert that isn't?
  • Hey man, it is a craft...witchcraft, if you will and it is by artists who really could care less if you shell out money or not. I mean Writers, Painters, Actors and Singers do the same thing with different methods and end results. You're just making a moral value judgement and honestly, it doesn't matter one way or the other. =\
  • Where in the world isn't manipulation? Almost everything that involves money is manipulation. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You might be just a little suprised that Apple did not invent marketing by going after peoples emotions....
  • According to Apple, they created peoples emotions.
  • They were the first to do so with computers. That's what I'm talking about. Computer advertisements used to be about function, now it's all this wishy washy touchy-feelie emotional shit. Our society has become so shallow and emotionally needy.
  • Apple is the one doing the copying these days...
  • Do you guys think its acceptable for the Surface Book to only last 3 hours while it's not docked to the keyboard? I understand its a laptop first but I still kind of wish it lasted longer while undocked. 
  • The device is thinner and lighter than a Surface Pro 4 but has the same or more powerful processor and a larger screen.  You can't expect to make those changes and not affect battery life.
  • Yeah kind off bummed out about that. Still very tempting though. Might be better to wait for 2nd gen
  • That's what the Surface 4 is for. Why do you need the laptop to be undocked for more than 3 hours for anyways?
  • ...and with no ports in its Clipboard mode?
  • I have seen a video on YouTube that shows a power port on the bottom of the clipboard so you can power it up separately when detached from the base/keyboard. I think that's it.
  • Again, the power is for the "laptop" part of it so...for its two different things for two different purposes. It only detaches for convenience but not really meant for just the tablet part anyway. That's what the Surface Pro 4 is let's say Surface Pro 5 comes out and its actually the next iteration of BOTH, the Pro and the Book, as in the SP5 has a keyboard that it CAN attach to like the Surface Book thus being the definitive culmination of both products and blahblahblah what everybody will maybe be satisfied with but I doubt it. =\
  • It would be cool if we can atach the Surface Pro 4 to the keyboard of Surface Book and get like 20 hours of battery hahahaha lol
  • I it will give you reason to buy the Surface Book 2 next year with its improvements to the Clipboard's Battery life. Of course MS want you to upgrade from this one first.
  • It makes sense because they do not want the tablet portion to be too heavy or the laptop would be top heavy and not work as a laptop. Each gen should get better though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So many guys on youtube wrote"is Microsoft the new Apple"
  • idk, guys on youtube are the worst...kidding lol =p
  • I think most of them mean that Microsoft's latest and greatest is also attractive in the way Apple products are. I don't want any of the Apple products, but their build quality is superior. That is the kind of feeling people will get with these new Microsoft products and in time it creates a good reputation. Especially with a monster OS like Windows 10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Everything is cyclical. What goes up goes down etc Apple is on a downwards slope and MS on the up. Apples management will change after investors demand innovation and leadership. Im all in with MS and good to see them energised, focussed and being led with purpose and conviction.
  • No empire lasts forever.
  • I know this is Surface book ad but I think they can start making appearances of Windows Phone within these ads in the background so people are aware of it. Sorta like a subliminal showcase.
  • Haven't you noticed them in all your TV shows? lol ;p
  • +1000 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Laptop That Can Replace Your Tablet (Surface Book) or The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop (Surface Pro 4). Makes the choice even more difficult.
  • EDIT: The Laptop That Can Replace Your DESKTOP (Surface Book) or The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop (Surface Pro 4).
  • Good edit!
  • I would 100% agree if it had a thunderbolt port for connecting to PCIE external graphics when docked...that's the advantage of the MacBook.
  • Still no news on what nVidea GPU it's using? It's a bit odd that you can preorder something without the full specs
  • I believe it's a custom variant. You'll have to wait for for someone to benchmark it.
  • It is custom and unless MS details it we will have to see what reviews say about gaming and other pro activities. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I readed it was the GeForce 960 something. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 960M is what I'm seeing the most. I don't think MS has said anything official yet.
  • To me the name is sooooo cheesy... surface book... these guys seriously dont know how to give names. It is a genuine problem at Microsoft.
  • idk, I think it's just you... =[
  • Notebook, MacBook, Chromebook, Surface Book. It seems like the industry disagrees with you on this one. Honestly, it conveys exactly what it is which is important in branding. A Surface based notebook. Care to share your own ideas for names?
  • If you actually hold one, grabbing it by its hinge, it feels very much like a book. It is a very natural feeling, and part of what differentiates it from any previous laptop. I think the name and the feel will work very well together to sell this product. It is the culmination of technology and prior "note/mac/chrome...books" but now feels like what had always been missing.
  • I think Surface Ultra would be better, but "book" is the industry name for this class. Blame others before MS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The question is, "will we see the adverts anywhere outside of the internet" if so, how frequent? Also they need these products being used in popular TV shows on a regular basis
  • Can't afford lol.....
  • The Surface Book looks amazing and can't wait to try one out but this commercial is just I would rather jab my eye out with a spoon then have to watch that again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No you wouldn't.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes I would Posted via the Windows Central App for Android