Surface Dock 2, possible Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 listings appear at retailers

Microsoft Surface Dock
Microsoft Surface Dock (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Retailer listings recently surfaced for a new Surface Dock and what could be Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2.
  • Most of the listings are no longer publicly viewable.
  • The appearance of the listings suggests a new slate of Surface devices could be close to launch.

A new batch of retailer listings in Europe over the weekend have outed a batch of new Surface devices that could be close to launch. As spotted by German blog DrWindows, it appears a new Surface Dock 2 may be in the works. Likewise, Dan S. Charlton's tech blog caught several retailer listings for what could be Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 configurations.

The Surface Dock 2 is still available to view at, but there's no accompanying image or technical information. However, DrWindows speculates that we could see Microsoft add USB-C ports to this refresh. It's been five years since the original Surface Dock launched, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft adopt USB-C for any major refresh here.

While all of the unreleased products were briefly searchable, they're no longer visible without direct links to the listings. However, there were previously configurations for a Surface "Project T" and "Project U," which could be the 13.5-inch and 15-inch Surface Book 3 based on their pricing. Project T showed five configurations ranging from €1,617 to €2,616, while Project U ranged from €2,234 to €3,441.

Rounding things out is Surface "Project V", which showed five configurations ranging between €407 and €847. Based on this pricing, it's expected that this may be a potential Surface Go 2.

Surface Listings April 13

Source: Dan S. Charlton (Image credit: Source: Dan S. Charlton)

As for what to expect in each, recent reports have suggested Surface Book 3 will move to Intel's 10th Gen processors and NVIDIA GTX 16-series GPUs. The Surface Go 2 is expected to have a base configuration with an Intel Pentium Gold chip, but may also offer a Core M processor.

With the uncertainty around events right now, it's unclear whether we'll see Microsoft hold some sort of digital event for whatever it has planned. However, we're expecting to see the launch of Microsoft's Surface Earbuds and, potentially, a follow-up to the Surface Headphones, as well.

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  • Hope the Duo is launched soon.
  • I really hope they make an AMD 4900HS variant of Surface Book 3. They could make a gaming verion and include a 2060 MaxQ GPU - and it would be amazing!
  • As long as it is the 90w version I agree! I think they should push the envelope and consider a 2060 super or a 2070 at this point, also, expandable storage is must for SB 3
  • I say there's zero chance for an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS due to wattage and massive thermal constraints. That's a 35W chip (4900H is 45w) and the idea that they could squeeze that much of a CPU behind the display seems unlikely assuming Microsoft keep's the Book's design of a separatable screen. Look, I'm running the 4900HS with RTX 2060 Max-Q. It gets very HOT and the fans are on all the time even on "silent." And that's in a 14-inch gaming laptop; the Book is just not a normal design that would allow that (again, unless MS shifted the design completely). You also need a 180W adapter to power an AMD 9 + 2060 MaxQ! Book 2's adapter was merely 105W. This leak suggests there is a new Microsoft 127W adapter is coming. Do the math on that, it doesn't work. The most I think we could see is AMD U-series (that can boost to 25W) in the Book 3; after all, Book 2 used U-series and not Intel's 45W ones found in the XPS 15.
  • “assuming Microsoft keep's the Book's design of a separatable screen”
    “(again, unless MS shifted the design completely)” Do you know something, Daniel? ;-)
  • Hey Daniel, are you on a Zephryus G14? If so, the fans should not be that loud when on silent. Seems like there is a pretty wide margin on what people are getting out of that thing right now. This is a dream of course, but I would love to see a Surface Book with a gaming base that would house a 2060. I don't think them cramming a 4900HS into the screen is that much of a stretch. Cooling tech has improved in leaps and bounds since even the launch of the SB2. I could imagine MS utilizing a combination of vapor chamber tech from the Series X along with better engineered air flow could make it happen. There is no way it could be as bad as the cooling in my original Surface Book! Now, will MS do this - no. They generally are not on the bleeding edge when it comes to components like processors when they launch new items.
  • Microsoft blew it with Surface Dock... It needed a refresh 2-3 years ago... I'm sure most people with any kind of serious performance needs have already moved on to other USB c docks... I know I'm super happy with my Dell dock for my SB2
  • Well... One thing I realized (very recently) was that many of the issues I had with the Surface Dock (switched monitor signals, dropped USB signals) were due to my using one monitor that wasn't supported. Once I had two monitors that were on the list of supported devices, the dock started to work very reliably. I think the update would include support for dual 4K60 monitors (maybe what you're thinking) and some USB-C Jack's (as mentioned), things that don't concern us. Actually now that I think of it, my over the top enthusiasm in my previous comment here is misplaced - we probably have no need to upgrade now.
  • The only real advantage I see with an official Microsoft Surface Dock is the fact that it uses the Surface Connect port for data/USB ports video out as opposed to just charging. It did what USB-C now does for all devices and it's great to be able to tap into that because it is otherwise wasted/unused.
  • Or....just get rid of the connector... It doesn't do anything that the USB c port can't also do
  • Except it is a magnetic, low-friction connector, best for people who are connecting and disconnecting often, as is the case for my wife and I these days, and me during normal times as I'm on the go most of the day most days. I'd worry about inserting a USB-C cable into a jack hundreds of times a year, just like I used to worry about my miniDisplayPort jack back before I had a Surface Dock.
  • Indeed. My partner has two desks with a Surface Dock on one and a USB-C connector on the other and the former is just so much nicer to use. I guess a new version means that she'll have one on each desk now.
  • I have a Dell TB3 dock for my corporate laptop and I am disconnecting it constantly since I work in the field half the time. No issues with it so far. The biggest problem with Surface in general is the lack of compatibility with the de facto docking standard, TB3. No surface can connect to any corporate docking stations, and no other laptop could connect to a Surface dock. It is way too limiting for me to ever buy into a Surface product.
  • Right - I learned this from the comments on WC after (incorrectly!) scorning someone about it: TB3 docks aren't "backwards" compatible with laptops with USB-C ports that may have the bandwidth for dual 4k monitors, etc. but not that particular certification. Kind of terrible - on the dock makers' part. But I thought I read somewhere that new TB3 docks are working to provide docking for USB-C laptops without TB3 ... (but I've been wrong before ...) About the physical connection: I wore out the mDP port on my old Surface. It actually felt loose. It would be nice if there were a sort of shallow, low-friction version of USB-C for docks to alleviate my concerns. Because if I were you using your docking solution, I'd be worried even after a couple years of no problems. Maybe more worried! No such worries with magnetic, low-friction connectors. They're also just have a nicer feeling when connecting and disconnecting, and won't throw your laptop to the ground if someone trips over your power cable.
  • Except that connector is necessary if connecting to just the tablet on a Surface Book...
  • Wouldn't it be nice if the new dock used USB-C as the interface to the PC and came with a USB-C to USB-C cable AND a USB-C to MS Connector cable. That way you could keep the nice mag(safe)netic connector and the dock could potentially be used with other devices.
  • ^ this ^ (This sentence was required to meet the 3-word minimum.)
  • OMG Surface Dock 2!
  • Simple for me--if they have something non-Intel, I'm interested. I would absolutely look at a SB3 with an AMD setup, or I would consider a Ryzen- or Snapdragon-powered SG2 as an ebook/elearning device. Intel's got nothing to be excited about, especially when their hardware usually puts a needless premium on device costs.
  • I wish they would change Surface Book to a more traditional 2 in 1 instead of that big hinge with the detachable tablet....or make the Surface Laptop 4 a 2 in 1.
  • Why? There are plenty of other 2 in 1 options out there if you don't want the detachable screen. I got a SB because the screen can be attached and operated independently. I connect it to my digital piano through a Surface Dock and prop it on the music stand. Would not want to put it up there with the base.
  • pdch Yeah. If I wanted a flippy 2-in-1 I'd be super happy with the choices available on the market - HP, Dell, Lenovo ...
  • I will be disappointed if the Surface Book 3 doesn't use an AMD CPU
  • Well the current surface go uses a 3 year old processor. Maybe Intel has a new 10nm 4.5 watt chip available.
  • I don't really understand why there is not a single TB3 port on new Dock? People say that Surface devices are meant for business users, but I have to disagree with them on that. As far as I remember i7 on SL3 (which I have) have support for TB3, but Microsoft didn't make TB3 port on laptop for some reason. If Microsoft places TB3 port on new Dock, I will give my money for it without thinking.