Surface Dock 2, possible Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 listings appear at retailers

Microsoft Surface Dock
Microsoft Surface Dock (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Retailer listings recently surfaced for a new Surface Dock and what could be Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2.
  • Most of the listings are no longer publicly viewable.
  • The appearance of the listings suggests a new slate of Surface devices could be close to launch.

A new batch of retailer listings in Europe over the weekend have outed a batch of new Surface devices that could be close to launch. As spotted by German blog DrWindows, it appears a new Surface Dock 2 may be in the works. Likewise, Dan S. Charlton's tech blog caught several retailer listings for what could be Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 configurations.

The Surface Dock 2 is still available to view at, but there's no accompanying image or technical information. However, DrWindows speculates that we could see Microsoft add USB-C ports to this refresh. It's been five years since the original Surface Dock launched, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft adopt USB-C for any major refresh here.

While all of the unreleased products were briefly searchable, they're no longer visible without direct links to the listings. However, there were previously configurations for a Surface "Project T" and "Project U," which could be the 13.5-inch and 15-inch Surface Book 3 based on their pricing. Project T showed five configurations ranging from €1,617 to €2,616, while Project U ranged from €2,234 to €3,441.

Rounding things out is Surface "Project V", which showed five configurations ranging between €407 and €847. Based on this pricing, it's expected that this may be a potential Surface Go 2.

Surface Listings April 13

Source: Dan S. Charlton (Image credit: Source: Dan S. Charlton)

As for what to expect in each, recent reports have suggested Surface Book 3 will move to Intel's 10th Gen processors and NVIDIA GTX 16-series GPUs. The Surface Go 2 is expected to have a base configuration with an Intel Pentium Gold chip, but may also offer a Core M processor.

With the uncertainty around events right now, it's unclear whether we'll see Microsoft hold some sort of digital event for whatever it has planned. However, we're expecting to see the launch of Microsoft's Surface Earbuds and, potentially, a follow-up to the Surface Headphones, as well.

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