Surface Dock Updater tool adds support for Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2

Surface Dock Updater, a tool for IT administrators to check the firmware status of Surface Docks and perform manual updates, has been updated to support Microsoft's latest devices, the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2. The update is included as part of Microsoft's Surface Tools for IT (opens in new tab), and ticks the version number up to (via Reddit).

Other than support for the two new Surface devices, the update doesn't bring anything else to the table, at least according to the release notes (opens in new tab):

This version of Surface Dock Updater adds support for the following:

  • Add support for Surface Pro 6
  • Add support for Surface Laptop 2

Surface Dock Updater isn't updated very often, with the last new version coming in July to add support for Surface Go. Prior to that, it saw an update in January that brought updates for the Surface Dock's main chipset and DisplayPort firmware.

In any case, curious IT admins can grab the latest version of Surface Dock Updater by downloading Surface Tools for IT at Microsoft (opens in new tab). And if you've had your eye on either the Surface Laptop 2 or Surface Pro 6, both are available to purchase starting today (opens in new tab).

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • How is it intended a normal user would update the Surface Dock firmware, since this tool is for "IT"? Just through mashing the update button in Windows update with the dock connected?
  • I have had dock updates come via Windows update before.
  • Looks like you can just download and install the msi from that link.
  • It looks like this is only for the dock that connects via a cable, i.e. the newest one.