Surface Duo discount shaves $300 off at Best Buy

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo is currently $300 off at Best Buy.
  • The sale price applies with activation, but you can still save $200 without activation.
  • You can pick up Surface Duo starting at $1,099 (opens in new tab) at Best Buy now.

We're still weeks away from Black Friday, but now looks like a pretty good time to buy a Surface Duo if you've had your eye on one. Along with a $200 off sale at Microsoft, Best Buy has dropped the price of Microsoft's dual-screen device by an even steeper $300. The discount applies to both models, allowing you to pick up a Surface Duo for $1,099 (opens in new tab).

It's important to note that the full $300 discount only applies if you activate the Surface Duo at the time of purchase. If you don't want to do that, though, you'll still get one for $200 off. Not a bad deal as the holidays approach.

Surface Duo is in a bit of a unique spot in the market right now. It's Microsoft's first mobile device since the end of the Windows Phone era. It's also a foldable phone with two screens packed inside of an incredibly thin frame.

Android isn't exactly 100 percent optimized for dual-screen devices yet, so there are still some kinks to work out. However, if you're an early adopter type and want to experiment with Microsoft's vision of mobile productivity, then the Surface Duo is an intriguing device.

In his review, Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino said, "With ground-breaking hardware design and the right apps, it's game-changing. But some early jankiness with the OS, performance issues, and the lack of modern hardware holds it back."

The Surface Duo comes with a bumper in the box, so you're protected from minor accidental bumps. However, it might be wise to take some of the money you save from the sale and put it towards the current crop of best Surface Duo cases. Otherwise, you can grab the Surface Duo at Best Buy now starting at $1,099.

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  • I wonder if the launch price was padded to grab attention at the highest tier and speak to premium before lowering it for sales probability it goes to 99 on bf or Xmas is good and then I bet it stays there. I they had the same stradegy with the lumia 650 and the 950 and the surface go.
  • Pretty sure most all Android phones are marked up a bit at launch to have room to come down for sales. Come to think of it, other Surface devices too. Better to wait a bit, if you have the patience. Especially for launches just before the holiday shopping season.
  • I think it's price discrimination. Camera makers do the same. People who want it now now now will pay more.
  • Microsoft is refunding the difference if you bought it through them. They did for me and a few others I know. Microsoft store website and chat with an agent.
  • I can confirm this; they refunded the difference plus tax to me this morning and i received an email confirming the amount shortly after the chat was finished.
  • There was a note that MS was doing a price match on their reduction. Best Buy's Return/Exchange is 14 days on phones, so if you bought recently, go get some money back.