Surface Hub 2S goes on sale in June starting at $8,999

Microsoft today revealed more details about the Surface Hub 2S, including its pricing and availability, as part of a low-key media event in New York.

Companies will be able to get their hands on the 50-inch version of the Surface Hub 2S starting in June with prices starting at $8,999. Additionally, Microsoft says that it plans to release an 85-inch model, but testing won't begin with this larger version until "early 2020."

The Surface Hub 2S will feature a display that is 60 percent thinner than the original Surface Hub, according to Microsoft. The company boasts that the latest version will also sport 50 percent increased graphics performance over the original. Microsoft has also partnered with Steelcase on a mobile stand and battery for the Surface Hub 2S, allowing it to be moved between rooms without the need for a constant AC power connection.

In addition to announcing the upcoming availability of the Surface Hub 2S, Microsoft also revealed it is working on a Surface Hub 2 Display. The display will give users access to the same touch and pen experience available with the Surface Hub without the computing internals. The company is also planning to launch a new configuration option that will let customers run Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise on Surface Hub 2S for "specialized app scenarios."

Surface Hub 2S represents a significant step up from the original Surface Hub, offering modular hardware and a display that can now be rotated from landscape to portrait mode, thanks to a new hinge. The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S will be available starting in June in the U.S. starting at $8,999, with more markets to follow.

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  • Any details on the CPU? It can go on battery power, so is it a mobile chip or desktop chip configuration?
  • Just Core i5 8th gen. Not sure if 45W, but the battery won't matter's a huge battery. Should last 100 mins of usage.
  • I so would if I had the money. Actually, with HDMI in, I would be all over that 85" much they want for that $20k?!?!
  • Surface Hub 1 at 85-inches was $19,999 so probably close to that, yeah.
  • Make this baby 27 inches, call it home hub and sell it for a reasonable price and you get one heck of a consumer device.
  • Except home automation apps tend to not be available for Windows.
  • Cool. Wouldn't need them anyway.
  • bleached Isn't there some wheat somewhere you could be threshing? By hand?
  • Kudos to Windows Central for recognizing what this device is all about. There are different levels of tech users out there with completly different levels of productivity needs. Not everyone with money and purpose "play" with their phones or get upset that their laptop doesn't have Thunderbolt 3. Not everyone is a Windows blogger or journalist sitting in their homes or basements all morning complaining and then trying to hit the golf links in let's say Cincinnati for example. There are other people out here doing amazing things and these professionals are the new targets for Microsoft. WC is the most professional at covering that angle.
  • What about the 2X?
  • Ok, they answer it in this video. Want.
  • I am most excited by the "Surface Hub 2 Display" part of the announcement.