Is the Surface Laptop 2 available with LTE?

Is the Surface Laptop 2 available with LTE?

Best answer: Sadly there's no LTE option for the Surface Laptop 2, nor for its predecessor. If you want a Surface PC with LTE, last year's Surface Pro is your best bet. If you're not sold on Surface, HP's ENVY x3 is also a great LTE-friendly option.Amazon: Surface Pro (2017) LTE (from $1,500)Amazon: HP Envy x2 (from $837)

Why no LTE?

The primary reason for no LTE is due to the Laptop 2's form factor. In order to fit an LTE modem into the chassis, adequate space has to be allocated within the body of the PC. Throw in complications that arise from baking in antenna arrays, interference from the metal chassis, finding a slot for the SIM tray, and beyond, and the Laptop 2 just doesn't lend itself well to the inclusion of LTE connectivity at this time.

There's reason to believe that Microsoft might reconsider LTE for a future Surface Laptop, however. The company is actively exploring the idea of ARM-powered Windows devices under its "Always Connected" branding, which takes a more mobile approach to computing. So far, the push for Windows 10 on ARM hasn't yielded a large response from consumers, but when Microsoft unveils the more modular WinCore OS in the future, that could change.

At least for now, there's no possibility of an LTE Surface Laptop without a significant hardware revision, and considering how incremental the update to the Laptop 2 was, I'd say it's fair to assume the Laptop 3 will be a larger update. Thankfully there are a few alternatives with LTE worth considering.

The Surface Pro (2017) has an LTE version

The Surface Laptop 2 doesn't have LTE, but if you want a slim Windows PC with LTE connectivity, and you're dedicated to the Surface brand, 2017's Surface Pro is still on the market. You'll still be getting a great laptop with all-day battery life, a beautiful display, and improved Surface Pen integration. Plus, you get all the advantages of the Surface brand, namely the 2-in-1 modular design, in a small package.

HP Envy x2

For the ultimate in Windows portability, consider the HP Envy x2. Running on ARM, the HP Envy x2 is designed for long periods away from a power outlet, and indeed Wi-Fi, owing to its LTE connectivity. You can get around 22 hours worth of battery life out of this thing, complete with a keyboard cover and stylus, making it ideal for inking on the go.

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