Surface Laptop 5 may feature AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile CPUs, 120Hz PixelSense Flow display

Surface Laptop 4 Amd 2021 Lid
Surface Laptop 4 Amd 2021 Lid (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Recent leaks suggest that the Surface Laptop 5 will feature modern chips from AMD.
  • If the reported specs are correct, the Surface Laptop 5 will have options for 12th Gen Intel chips or AMD Ryzen 6000-series CPUs.
  • Microsoft has provided AMD and Intel options for Surface Laptops in the past, but the AMD CPUs were from previous generations compared to when the laptops shipped.

Microsoft may ship modern AMD processors inside its Surface Laptop for the first time this year. According to an alleged leaked spec sheet shared by Windows Prime, the Surface Laptop 5 will have options for either 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs or AMD Ryzen 6000-series chips.

Microsoft has had options for AMD and Intel processors in the Surface Laptop lineup before, but AMD chips have always been a generation behind when offered, as was the case with Surface Laptop 4. A shift to the latest generation of AMD CPUs would give Surface Laptop shoppers a better option on the AMD side of things.

The processor section of the leak shows options for the AMD Ryzen 5 6880U (6 cores) and Ryzen 7 6980U (8 cores). Both AMD versions of the device will also reportedly have "Radeon Graphics Microsoft Surface Edition."

Source: Windows Prime (Image credit: Source: Windows Prime)

It's not just the chip options of the Surface Laptop 5 that appear set for an upgrade. The leaked spec sheet states that the Surface Laptop 5 will have two USB-C ports that support Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4. The Surface Laptop 5 also has a USB-A port, based on the leak.

Additionally, there is also now an upgraded 120Hz PixelSense Flow display, similar to what Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio feature, including Dynamic Refresh and Dolby Vision.

The sheet claims that the Surface Laptop 5 gets 21 hours of battery life, but that's likely ambitious. Battery claims are often high from laptop manufacturers, so it's better to wait for reviewers to do real-life battery testing and to run specific benchmarks.

As is the case with all leaks, this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The final specs that the Surface Laptop 5 ships with could be different than those that appear in the shared spec sheet.

Despite the alleged leak, according to our sources, Microsoft won't ship Surface Laptop 5 until later this year.

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  • This is a good and welcome improvement for AMD, as leaving them a generation behind was always a pain point with the Surface Laptop. I wish they would stop limiting AMD chips to the Laptop though, as it's easily my least-favorite of the Surface computing devices. I'd jump at the chance to get a Surface Pro running AMD hardware, but after another year of Intel-only tablets and ASUS's decision to only go with Intel for their Z13 Surface Pro competitor, I think the X13 2-in-1 (which offers AMD and Intel options) is where I'm likely to make my next purchase.
  • I think it ultimately came down to performance/battery/thermal off in the Surface Pro. Even though AMD has been beating Intel in efficiency lately, it's been on the higher end. Until recently AMD didn't have a Ryzen solution to Intel's U-series, though I didn't think that was as big of an issue since the 4000 series came out a few years ago. In any case, Ryzen 6000 looks ready to change that, so maybe we'll see an AMD option in the Pro 9.
  • they do have parts that use the same 15W-25W envelope as the U series. The 5000 series is good. it's just that Microsoft didn't get them. they went with an old AMD part for the Surface Laptop.
  • It will be hella expensive for the best SKUs too (anything with 32 GB RAM)
  • Given that Microsoft Teams uses about 149TB of RAM - I’ve no idea why they sell 8Gb machines. 16Gb should be the minimum.
    The number of services Windows 11 starts by default is simply mind boggling
  • What does the "dolby Vision" even means? Do you guys have any idea if it will have mini-LED like the Macbook?
  • If you click the hyperlink for Dolby Vision it literally goes to our entire article talking about what it is. Doubtful on min-LED.
  • Thanks and it's sad that it won't use mini-LED
  • It's great to see that even the AMD version will have Thunderbolt 4 ports. As far as AMD usually being a generation behind on Surface products, aren't they always using previous generation Intel chips as well? I don't recall ever seeing current Intel chips in a Surface product.
  • the Surface Pro 4 was the first machine to have Skylake and that burned them badly. Skylake was just a buggy mess. Skylake was the Surface Pro 4 constantly waking up in a backpack and burning up. In fact, Skylake was what got Apple to decide to dump Intel.
  • Doubt it. Apple had long term ARM plans based on acquisitions surely?
  • "It's great to see that even the AMD version will have Thunderbolt 4 ports."
    That's not accurate. It'll have USB 4.0 ports. Similar, but not Thunderbolt 4.0. TB 4.0 is still more robust with features e.g. external displays (USB can do 1x; TB4 can do 2x at 4K) and USB can be slower (20Gb/s) if the OEM specs it that way, though it could achieve parity at 40Gb/s with TB4 if done well. In this case, TB4.0 is still superior, although USB 4.0 goes a long way to narrow that gap vs. Type C 3.1.
  • Ah I didn't see that called out anywhere. The main point is to have Thunderbolt docking station compatibility. As all Surface devices in the past have not worked with all the docking stations out in the wild, they've never been a product I could buy.
  • I just hope microsoft pluton processor isn't used against us