We heard rumors back in June and then Microsoft confirmed in July that the Surface Laptop Core i7 variant will be getting more color options besides platinum.

Today is that day for those in the U.S. at least. The Core i7 Surface Laptop is now available to order in cobalt blue and burgundy. Graphite gold, however, is still listed as "coming soon."

Featuring 512GB of internal storage, which we found to be slightly faster than other models, along with a zippier Intel Core i7-7660U processor, 16GB of RAM, and boosted Iris Plus graphics instead of Intel HD 620 the high-end Surface Laptop is a great machine – at a price.

Costing $2,199 versus the more affordable $1,299 Core i5 version with half the RAM and storage, the Core i7 Surface Laptop is the crown jewel of the line.

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It's not clear why the Core i7 version wasn't announced in other colors initially. Presumably, Microsoft was conservative to see if there was interest in both the i7 model and other colors before committing to production. The cobalt blue version with a Core i5 has been particularly tricky to find in stock even at Microsoft stores.

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So far, just the Microsoft Store is listing the i7 model with assorted colors and not Best Buy or Amazon just yet.

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Meanwhile, other colors for the rest of the world – at least in the Core i5 model – is tentatively slated for August 23 in the UK and 16 other markets.

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