Surface Laptop Studio, Pro 8, Pro X, and more shown off by Panos Panay in promo video

Surface Laptop Studio Moviestv
Surface Laptop Studio Moviestv (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Panos Panay recently shared a promotional video featuring the Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, and several other Microsoft devices.
  • The video shows closeups, renders, and other clips of Microsoft's latest pieces of hardware.
  • The Surface Slim Pen 2, Surface Laptop SE, and Xbox Series X also appear in the video.

Microsoft's Surface lineup continues to grow. The company's Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, decided to highlight Microsoft's most recent products in a promotional video. It's not just PCs that Surface devices that appear. The Xbox Series X is also shown off, as is the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse.

The Surface Laptop Studio is featured prominently in the promotional clip. It is the most recent Surface device to introduce a new form factor, so it's not surprising that Microsoft would want to show it off.

Most of Microsoft's other Surface devices make at least a brief appearance, including the Surface Pro 8, Laptop 4, Pro X, Laptop Go, and Studio. All of the PCs in the reel are running Windows 11, of course, which is the most recent operating system from Microsoft.

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The marketing team also showed some love for the Surface Duo 2, which appears toward the end of the video. The company's graphics team has a track record of highlighting hinges, which is how it introduces the Duo 2 in the reel.

On the gaming side of things, Xbox Cloud Gaming is streamed onto the Duo 2 around the end of the promo. The Xbox Series X appears shortly after.

The clip is only two minutes long, but Microsoft managed to fit in at least a snippet of just about every major consumer-facing product it makes.

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  • So the Surface Studio is featured but not the Surface Pro X :/.
  • This is coming from a serious Microsoft fan - one who wants to cry every time I have to put down my old Windows Phone that has been relegated to a bed-time music player for my little girl....
    So what? We've seen splashy ads before. Without a consistent message, they get lost and do very little.
  • Stop living in the past.
  • My son's bedtime player is also a Lumia Windows Phone. I have a similar twinge of regret every time I touch it.
  • Microsoft for sure knows how to present its products and services in its ads. I really liked that Xbox Series X visual, it looked awesome
  • If Microsoft had put the same commitment behind windows phone as Xbox it would have made it. Hope my Surface Pro X doesn't go the same way as windows phone.
  • There were far more relevant factors at play other than Microsoft's commitment and effort...