A lot of huff and theories have been laid out regarding those delayed shipping notices for those who pre-ordered the Surface RT. Customers have received an email noting that their order should not be expected to be fulfilled until November 2nd, obviously putting a damper on pre-ordering. Turns out of all the thought out reasons for the delay, none took into account the simplest: it was an error.

The official Twitter account for Surface (@Surface) just tweeted that “An incorrect email was sent to several customers who preordered #Surface. Customers should expect their devices by the original date given.” That should be a relief for those few who did receive an email, though we wonder if Microsoft will contact them directly (not everyone see Tweets or reads tech sites).


So no, there’s no shortage of supplies or import delays or other shenanigans, just a simple erroneously sent email.

Source: @Surface; Thanks, Jarrod, Steve and dirtbound,for the tip!