Surface Pro 3 gets small firmware update focused on device security

Surface Pro Microsoft Store
Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

Surface Pro 3 isn't exactly the most active device when it comes to firmware updates nowadays, but Microsoft is shipping a fresh one out to the device this week. Specifically, this release is available for devices still running the Windows 10 Creators Update.

The last firmware update to roll out to Surface Pro 3 came in February as a patch for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities that made headlines early in the year. This latest fix also places a focus on security, but it's unclear exactly what issues it addresses.

From the release notes (opens in new tab):

  • Surface UEFI – Firmware: 3.11.2450.0 improves device security.

According to Microsoft, the update began rolling out on August 7, so your Surface Pro 3 may have downloaded it already. Otherwise, you should be able to grab this security update now via Windows Update if your Surface Pro 3 is still on the Creators Update.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • It's amazing that this device is still supported with updates 4 years later! This is my first Surface and I still use it!
  • Me too
  • I use mine all day, every day! I'm hoping that I can talk my husband into getting me the Surface Go for Christmas, too ... something a little smaller and lighter for on-the-go.
  • After installing this update I can no longer use the keyboard. Type cover works perfectly on other SP3 and SP2017. Coming up as HID keyboard in device manager. I am not happy that a firmware update has effectively broken my SP3. Reinstalling with clean install didn't work either.
    Two button hard reset didn't work. Any one have any ideas?
  • Just signed up to say that I have the same issue since yesterday (when it updated), I've tried reinstalling the firmware and such with no luck.