Microsoft readying some fixes for the Surface Pro 3 ahead of launch

With the Surface Pro 3 shipping by the end of the week, it looks like Microsoft engineers are readying some fixes that will improve the experience of using the tablet . Asking for user feedback, a digital artist suggests that the home button was too easily activated when in use and that there is a little bit of pen lag. Microsoft listened and it looks like fixes are incoming for both issues.

Over at Penny Arcade, writer Gabe said that the Redmond, Washington team invited him out to observe how he interacted with the Surface. "Within the first thirty seconds they realised how frustrating the home button placement was," Gabe wrote, also adding the issue with pen lag that wasn't apparent on the Surface Pro 2.

In a week's time since Gabe was observed, Microsoft's design team had implemented some fixes. For the home button, when the pen is in contact with the screen, the capacitive touch button would be deactivated so that a user won't accidentally brush across it and activate the command. Though it seems that the fix is ready, Microsoft still hasn't decided yet how to roll it out.

As to pen lag issue, Microsoft is still working on that and may be using custom pressure curves to help make the Surface Pro 3 more responsive.

Source: Penny Arcade