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Surface Pro 4 picks up new batch of firmware updates

Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has started rolling out new firmware to the Surface Pro 4, bringing along updates that seem to be aimed mostly at the camera and image processing.

Unfortunately, there aren't yet any official release notes available via the Surface Update History page (opens in new tab) just yet. That's not out of the ordinary, particularly with recent updates. However, we can get a decent idea of what's been changed by how the updates are listed in Windows Update. Here's a look:

  • Intel Corporation driver update for Microsoft IR Camera Front.
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Microsoft Camera Front
  • Intel driver update for Intel(R) AVStream Camera 2500
  • Intel driver update for Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2500
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) CSI2 Host Controller
  • Surface - System 8/1/2017 12:00:00 AM -
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Control Logic
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Microsoft Camera Rear

This follows a previous Surface Pro 4 firmware update from early August, in which Microsoft corrected some issues with the camera concerning Windows Hello. Presumably, Microsoft will update the Surface Update History page with full release notes within the coming days. We'll update with more information once available.

Thanks, Chris, for the tip!

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  • hmm, my SP4 is working great, can i skip this update? if it ain't broke.......
  • Are your volume keys working? Both the phyiscal keys on my SP4 and the ones built intot he type cover are inoperable for me. Not sure any of these will fix that though :(
  • Folks, be OH SO CAREFUL with these updates. I usually grab updates right away and seldom have problems, but updates delivered to me yesterday afternoon straight-up broke both cameras on my Surface Pro 4 and torpedoed Windows Hello. It took me the better part of last evening to roll back multiple specific drivers to fix it. I suppose these may have been the early August updates referred to in this article, but I had to roll back to June 2017-ish drivers to get everything working again.
  • Did anyone got this updates? because I didn't get this yet even if I check for updates manually
  • Same here. I'm in the Production ring. I wonder if these are hitting certain Insider Rings first.
  • My SP4 is working fine as it is. I like to look and see how updates go before installing