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Surface Pro with LTE now available from Microsoft

The Surface Pro with LTE is now available to order from the Microsoft Store. Available in a single model for $1,449 (opens in new tab), the LTE tablet is now up for order and shipping in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

For the money, the Surface Pro packs 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The real draw, however, is the LTE connectivity, which is provided by Qualcomm's Snapdragon X16 LTE modem. The whole package is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor.

While the Surface Pro LTE has been on sale for business customers for several months, it only went up for preorder for the general public in March. If you had already preordered, your tablet should be on the way. Otherwise, you can order the Surface Pro with LTE from the Microsoft Store now for $1,449. And if you're on the fence, give our full, in-depth Surface Pro LTE review a look.

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • So can you make a call with this Surface using keyboard and mouse?
  • No, the LTE on this device is for data transfers only, no telephone equipment is onboard.
  • Yes, with Skype. Four simple steps:
    1. Install Skype on your phone and this PC.
    2. Have calls from Skype show up as your cell phone number (simple settings).
    3. Get a phone number from Skype (doesn't matter what it is, no one will ever use or see it).
    4. Go into your phone settings, and forward calls to your new Skype number. Now, when someone calls your old cell number, it will be forwarded to and ring on all instances of Skype (phone and PC). Also, when you call from Skype it will show up as if you called from your old cell number. If you call from your cell normally, it just continues to work fine. Done.
  • Is this Wi-Fi or LTE calling?
  • yes that is True to Redstone 5 Then you can make phone calls
  • Is this considered an "Always Connected PC" by Microsoft or does it not have that capability?
  • I think the "Always Connect PC" moniker is about Windows running on an ARM processor and the features that come with that processor. The Surface with LTE built in is a different thing.
  • Sure you can try to leave the Surface connected in stand-by for few weeks however the result would be underwhelming as it will run out of power after a few days.
    So essentially i agree, unless it doesn`t have the key features i would not call it always connected.
  • Microsoft specifically said this isn't the case.
  • So, if I understand, "Always Connected PC" doesn't mean "I can make phone calls like with my PC"...
  • No, it does not mean you can make phone calls. From Microsoft: "At its core, we believe that the Always Connected PC embraces four key areas:  
    •Always Connected – seamlessly switch between LTE and Wifi
    •Great battery life – enjoy 13 to 20+ hours of battery life and up 20 days of standby power depending on the device you choose
    •The Windows features you love – Start menu, touch, ink, voice, and great applications from Office and Paint 3D to Minecraft
    •All on thin, light, powerful modern devices – from Lenovo, Asus, Surface and more"
  • 20+ hours of battery life