Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet once again available at the online Microsoft Store

Microsoft has again made its Surface Pro tablet running Windows 8 Pro available for purchase on its online store. The product has experienced stock issues since it was released. With the cheapest option starting at $899, Microsoft is certainly pinning the product as a premium experience with a rather expensive price tag. The original Surface tablet is already available with Windows RT, so what will consumers be getting with this new Surface Pro?

The highlight feature is of course the full installation of Windows 8 Pro. This tablet is a personal computer with all the capabilities of a desktop or laptop equivalent - no longer are consumers restricted to apps on the Windows Store. Fancy installing that game / software you had downloaded as an executable on an older machine? Now you can.

Packing an Intel CPU, the tablet is also quite the power house. Taking into account the entire specification readout, we're looking at a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB RAM, 64 / 128GB internal storage, 10.6" ClearType HD Display (1920x1080), USB 3.0, two HD cameras, Bluetooth 4.0 and a pen stylus. Not a bad bundle.

Here's what you'll be receiving with each price point:

  • $899 - 64GB
  • $999 - 128GB

The Surface RT starts at just $499, which is definitely the more cost-effective option should you not be requiring all the bells and whistles in a tablet solution. The Windows Store provides ample content for consumers and we can only see the catalogue improving over time. Microsoft has a fierce battle ahead in the market, but the Surface RT and Pro are solid entry products to get the ball rolling.

The 128GB version of the Surface Pro currently has a March 1st delivery estimation. Checking the UK online Microsoft Store reveals that the product is not yet available. We'll likely be seeing a similar launch to the first Surface tablet. Stay tuned for our hands-on and initial impressions of Microsoft's attempt to create a full-blown Windows experience on a small form factor.

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab); thanks everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Lucky! 128GB version still out of stock at the Microsoft Canada online store.
  • Old news. No offense.
  • Heh, was my mistake for having a plonker moment and not wording everything correctly :-)
  • Lol
  • +1 I tipped them Saturday lunchtime and was probably scooped by a couple of hundred people. I don't know who these guys are, thinking they can take a day and a half to compose an article during a Long Weekend holiday. Lazy buggers ;-)
  • Picked up mine SP 128g at Bellevue Square on Thursday!
  • I love and totally miss the mall!
  • God if the Surface pro had amazing metro apps, it and windows phone would shoot super high
  • I own an Android and IOS tab there is nothing amazing about either one... I think the pro has more then enough decent apps for me plus a desktop! When people say amazing apps I doubt they'll ever be satisfied because apps to me will never be amazing... Now if you said Windows 8 lacked productive apps I would have disagreed or if you said it lacked decent game titles I would disagree...
  • Got mine and loving it. Loaded it up with old favorite games that the GPU can handle: Legend of Legaia, Neverwinter Nights, Legend of Dragoon.
  • Never played Neverwinter but your taste in Playstation games is exquisite. :D. Those are some of my absolute faves along with Star Ocean.
  • Awesome! Games I loaded on mine: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (my all time favorite so far), Temple of Elemental Evil, Faster Than Light.
  • Just sold my RT, now I have VivoTab Smart which was £399 in Argos and since it's Atom based tablet it runs much faster then Surface on ARM architecture and it's full Windows 8 experience, but you have to sacrifice a lot like Surface's great built quality, kickstand and covers, so I can't wait for Pro to be out and I'll definitely get it. That's why if ANYONE will be interested in getting my VivoTab Smart later this month I'll be selling it for £300.
  • Is it european versión? Is there any difference to the US version? Email me :
  • This just cost tooooo much!! I can get a bad ass ultra book that has way better specs for the price of this thing. I want the surface pro bad, but its just not the smartest buy in my book.
  • Really, name one, i might want to buy too
  • Now my grandpa can order the 128GB surface pro.
  • Yeah, it would take a grandpa, and his pension, to pay for the damn thing..
  • Let him enjoy, he has wanted one for his grandpa since last week
  • ??
  • That didn't come out right. I thought you mentioned your grandpa really wanted one last week, glad he has the opportunity to buy a surface pro 128 soon.
  • :)
  • The worst part about this comment is I remember him saying that from last week.... God I read too much WPCental.... Half the time some of the comments are the best part! Lol
  • Don't make fun of my grandpa.
  • Lol! I would never make fun of anyone's grandpappy.. I'm just saying that the SP is just to damn expensive. Now, maybe if it was $699 I would consider it. I mean, in time all the legacy apps will be developed in Metro app form, which in return will give the Surface RT a lot of capability, but besides apps the rest of the features don't add up to a $500 premium,, especially with less than 128gb of memory to work with.. I'll get me a W8 laptop in a few weeks instead, and wait for prices to drop before I go Surface pro.. But, I hope your pappy enjoys his new SPT!!
  • All the price crying is foolish. Compare the Surface Pro to similar products from Lenovo, Acer, HP, Toshiba, etc... The price is fine. Quit the damn whining.
  • And compared to Apple's offerings the price is a real bargain.
  • Correct. The apples and oranges comparisons are incorrect. Mind you, they are a symptom of lousy advertising that has left people unclear about what the Surface pro is, what it can do, and what it competes with. Those stupid commercial look like they were written by the scriptwriter for a 1980's Mentos commercial. No wonder people compare its price to an iPad!
  • They need staff to compare better. In competitive terms, the RT is the iPad and the Pro is MacBook.
  • There simply is NOTHING available right now that is equivalent to the Surface Pro in tablet form for less money. Nothing.
  • Bought mine today! Love it!
  • The price is about right. The MacBook air is about the same price. For the person who said all legacy apps will run in metro form soon, I don't think so, desktop apps are here to stay for at least the next 5 years.
  • about right? You kidding. Its a ultra book plus a Tablet. How Much You would pay for That? 1500-1700. Plus You Never have to carry two arround.
  • Want a Windows 8 device ans an considering this. I just hope it arrives in my country before my old laptop falls apart. Could someone tell me if an external CD drive can be used with it? I know its old-fashioned, but I still need to be able to burn Audio CDs for my old-fashioned environment.
  • Go buy a portable dvdr drive like
  • Yes. I use an LG portable DVD writer. It works well with Surface and doesn't require the extra USB power cable to run.
  • I want a surface pro so badly, but I already have the RT and it fits every single one of my needs.  UGH FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS>!
  • These are fine times we're living in when devices like the Surface Pro are available! I want a 128gb Surface...yesterday. The price is not prohibitive for me but availability is. I can wait return is on the way. ;-)
  • Love my surface pro. When I go to coffee shops I get many lookie Lois and yes most of them are ipad owners hahahah jealous apple trolls.
  • You should be telling these "lookie Lois's" that their iPad is NOT the same as the Surface Pro. They should own both.
  • Mine's ordered, hope it gets here before March 1st, been trying to get a 128GB one since they came out.
  • I picked up my SP 128 from BB on Saturday.  The experience of obtaining it lacked desirable qualities, however actually having it with the cyan touch cover doesn't suck.
    I didn't know who to be more frustrated with, BB for not having it stock, not knowing a display model was there, not knowing I could pre-sale; MS for its tiny production runs; or ME for wanting the darn thing in the first place.
  • I ordered the 128GB from MS Canada late night on launch day. Received it Tuesday. It's awesome as many other Surface Pro owners will attest to. In addition to the cyan touch keyboard I picked up a MS Wedge mouse which works amazingly well despite it's small size.