Surface website for all that is the Surface

The Surface website has... well... surfaced.

It launched shortly after Steve Ballmer introduced the new tablets to the world and is slowly becoming populated with details on the Surface.

You've got a gallery, video and downloadable spec sheet currently on the site. Hopefully, we'll see pricing and availability popping up on the Surface website.  As well as more details of what's in store with the Surface.

Just point your favorite browser to (opens in new tab) for all the details.

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  • nevermind.
  • Can't wait to see some REAL specs...This is a very exciting time for Microsoft and its fans.
  • It's dead at the moment :(
  • How so? Its alive with color! =D O_o
  • Microsoft made two new products today...Surface and pixelsense.  If you are saying to yourself didn't they have a device named surface, that's because they did but they have renamed it to pixelsense now. LOL.
    I found this at the bottom of the page.
    I took a screen capture of the before and after...they just changed the name of the original surface to pixelsense.
  • Cool, I did wonder if the original Surface still existed and if it would still be considered as part of the same line. i.e. Surface Tablet & Surface Table
  • Hope they add a pre order link !!!!!!!
  • MS marketing could borrow and modernize Surface's 80s hit Happy...
  • Is it me, or does the black keyboard look more like a "press button" keyboard? The other colored ones have the keys separated where as the black one has them stuck together. Would have to try of course to determine what feels netter (if there truly is a difference)
  • I don't see any difference in spacing among the various door choices.
  • Hopefully it's not like those awful rubber roll-up keyboards! :P
  • It might be because there is a touch, flat, keyboard and type, slightly raised, keyboard.
  • I want to Preorder!!
  • Bad marketing so far. At least with the iPad, they announce the price and availability at the keynote. What's the point of announcing a product if you have no clue of release date or price? Just a big window of possibility.
  • For some reason the website gave me an error on the google chrome browser but worked perfectly on internet explorer.....mmm...I wonder....
  • So this is considered Microsofts own tablet? Its not a Microsoft signed product? This is like Zune and Xbox?
  • Yes! Duh!
  • I have the discontinued white mackbook with 250 GB HD and 8 GB of ram and a 16 GB WiFi only white iPad 2.both In perfect condition. I'll trade both of them for this thing. Any takers??