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What you need to know

  • Surviving the Aftermath is a fantastic community-building survival game.
  • It's in Early Access and Game Preview right now, but regularly receives updates to add new content.
  • Update 9: First Settlers revamps the early-game mechanics by giving players starting Specialists.
  • It also adds new options in the Tech Tree to build ranches in order to raise livestock for your community.

If you're a fan of survival games, especially ones that has players carefully cultivate a struggling group of people into a strong community, Surviving the Aftermath is a game that cannot be missed. Developed by Finnish studio Iceflake Studios (which was recently acquired by Paradox Interactive), Surviving the Aftermath is an apocalyptic community-builder in Early Access and Game Preview, and it's already incredibly well put together. The latest update for the game, Update 9: First Settlers, will make some important changes to early-game mechanics, as well as add a new feature.

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The highlights of First Settlers includes:

  • New early-game mechanics. To start, players will now begin with three Specialists to start with, allowing players to explore the initial area, construct a few basic buildings and utilities, and prepare a makeshift but functional camp before signalling to the other colonists to join them. This should make the early-game less tedious, as players can ensure they at least have the bare minimum before exposing their colonists to the dangers of the world.

  • New ranches in the Tech Tree. Interested players can now unlock an additional source of food for their colonies in ranches, which can be built and used to raise various livestock like cows, chickens, and sheep. The livestock first has to be bought from other Societies first, but once you have them you'll have a steady supply of food, as well as secondary products like wool and eggs.

  • Wildlife can now be hunted for food. If ranches aren't enough for your colony, or if you prefer a more "naturalistic" approach, wildlife in Surviving the Aftermath can now be hunted and harvested for food. The bigger the animal, the greater the haul.

  • Changes to colonist movement and more. Colonists now have greater movement while on roads, so you can make your colony more efficient, and Specialists are now able to carry out more tasks like building, scavening, and carrying. Finally, resources will now slowly decay if left on the ground, especially food, so make sure you have suitable storage areas!

Besides all of the new features in Update 9, Paradox Interactive is also planning to bring Surviving the Aftermath to Steam Early Access in October, 2020, letting even more players try out their survive-them-up. If you need all the details on exactly what's changing in Update 9: First Settlers, you can find the patch notes here. We've included some images of the new update for your viewing pleasure below.

Are you excited by this update? What's your favorite change being made? Let us know in the comments!

Apocalyptic survival

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Surviving the Aftermath

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Surviving the Aftermath is an intense community-building survival game currently in early preview, where players have to strategically manage a group of hard-working survivors in the apocalypse. Can you keep everyone alive and turn a makeshift camp into a bustling town?



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