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Switch from Gmail to Hotmail in three steps

The Windows Live team have published an article on the official blog that'll help readers who are possibly considering to switch from Gmail to Hotmail for email and other cloud services. Should you be on the fence about leaving Google, and wish to take up Microsoft to host your e-life, there are only three simple steps you're required to take to achieve this goal.

1. Create a Hotmail account. A Hotmail/Live ID is required ( to use the web service, but there is no domain restriction. When signing up for an account (should you not already possess one) you are allowed to use your own personal domain for email.

2. Import your old messages from Gmail. Should you not wish to use an email client to do the job, a service such as TrueSwitch will work wonders moving across from Gmail.

3. Connect your Gmail account. You have now successfully set up your Hotmail account, but one more optional step is available. You can have Hotmail actively retrieve any future messages that you receive on your Gmail account by carrying out the following:

  • b. Click Sending/receiving email from other accounts.
  • c. Click Add an email account.
  • d. Provide your Gmail account details.

Rocking out Hotmail is arguably the best way, should you not be using Exchange of course, for Windows Phone email users, since improvements have been made to the service and it integrates seamlessly with all other Microsoft products.

Source: Windows Team Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Why would I?
  • Apart from all the security concerns surrounding Gmail at the moment, you get further integration such as Live Messenger on your Windows Phone.
  • What security concerns around gmail? As far as I can tell hotmail does not support multi-factor authetication so AFAIK is the least secure option out of the two.
  • I'm not on about account login and access security, but more internally with Google advertising and whatnot has continuously come under fire. The amount of tracking that's going to be involved is quite frankly - scary.
  • Those are not 'security' concerns, those are privacy concerns - let's not confuse the two. 
  • omg im glad its about PRIVACY and not SECURITY! yeah that makes stuff better /s...
  • Privacy is keeping your data secure lol, come on
  • If we had no concern for our privacy, there would be no need for security. If our privacy is violated then are issues with security.
    Hotmail has better integration with WP7 and the rest of Microsoft's services. It's also got a much more user friendly web client.
  • I just made a Hotmail account. I did that setting where you can import your email from Gmail and now I want to get rid of it and switch back to Gmail (not get rid of my Windows Live account). Help!
  • Why wouldn't you? #whatanignorantcomment
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  • What Integration am I missing as a Gmail User on Windows phone? I've set up my live account for the marketplace.
  • Besides Live Messenger, which is a great free IM client built in, you're getting away from the ad monolith that is Google. With recent privacy concerns about that pooling all their data together, some are concerned with security, privacy, etc.
  • I recently made changes on my PC that utilizes more of what MS has to offer. I connected my Live account to my Comcast email and now I can get those emails from within Hotmail. I can also sync that folder on my Focus S if i don't want to have it as a separate inbox. I also added the Bing bar to my browser. This gives me quick access to my Live or Hotmail accounts, Facebook, weather, maps and more. It alerts me to new email, Facebook notification, weather alerts, etc. I put my Live calendar on a second tab and made both tabs open as my home page. I haven't had to use Outlook for a while now and everything is available from my PC or laptop. I recommend going all in with MS and the WP ecosystem.
  • Already did this about a year ago.
  • I'm in the same boat. Maybe saying bye bye to Google
  • Maybe once Hotmail's calendar is improved to match Google Calendar, I'll switch.  Right now I just can't live without GCalendar.
  • really? i cant stand google calendar, I have all of my university modules supplied as webcals. Took me a couple of minutes to have them all imported to my hotmail calendar after i spent 2 hours trying to get them to work with gmail.
    I added them to both so i get my lectures on my android tablet/windows phone, since adding them my google calendar has randomly dropped modules. all the while my phone has shown all items consistently.
    No BETA sticker on the calendar to sweep this under :/
  • and what does gmail calendar have that hotmail doesn't have?
  • SMS Notifications....
  • I'm proud to be rocking several Live addresses. I do have a Gmail account, but only for research. I don't have any contacts, and don't use it for mail.
    Windows Live is only getting better. It actually won as best email server (or something) for 2011.
  • Honestly, while I use hotmail a lot, my main account is still with Gmail (3 hotmail 3gmail.. I'm a busy person what can I say). Reason is Gmail is still faster and more streamlined than windows live. I'm just waiting on the hotmail metro version now, because in windows 8, it looks amazing!
  • I'm new to this site, and have been testing out WP7, but I must say, I'm very disappointed in some of the false statements being made here by people writing for this site. I'm a security contractor for a very large auditing firm, that did/has, done security audits for the firm I work for, on behalf of the government at Google. Be clear, using the word security concerns, is a way to get people to think their data is at risk, that's wrong, and false on many levels. Gmail, in terms of security, is twice as strong as hotmail, in the forms of layered security they offer the end user. The data, YOUR data, is not at risk, never has been. Data collected on you, is not, NOT, a security risk, it's polling to better serve ad's, which is where Google makes most of it's money. That you can comment on and state your concern's over, but trying to state a person should switch to a MS product, because of "security" concerns, is WRONG! Every company tracks you, or tries, in some way. This is nothing new. I'm not defending Google, nor saying what they are doing is right, nor wrong. Be clear though, there is NO security risk, with what they are doing, your data is not in the hands of some evil guy that is going to take all your money and know you may be cheating on your wife. Mashable actually has a good write up of what the new Google policy is all about:
    I get the MS love on this site, and you wish to promote products you enjoy, nothing wrong with that. There is though, something wrong, with trying to get readers worried about things, that are simply, not true. There is nothing being done, that is a security risk, NOTHING. Maybe point to your readers, the data your sharing on something like Facebook, is far more concerning, then this new policy update being rolled out. Get an adblocker, if you don't want ad's being setup on your sites, and you defeat about 60% of this new policy.
  • No where in the article does it mention security concerns. You are referring to a single comment made where the writer made "security" synonymous with "privacy" which in layman terms, is acceptable usage for many. Regardless, it wasn't done to be malicious or deceive which your rant implies, so I suggest you chill out a bit.
  • "Apart from all the security concerns surrounding Gmail at the moment, you get further integration such as Live Messenger on your Windows Phone." from one of your writers. I've read posts that you and others have made, and I stated the obvious, your trying to promote MS products, nothing wrong with that, but it's not cool to write things that aren't facts to users. That is what get's the public worked up and not knowing the truth on a subject matter. And please, you don't know me, don't tell me to "chill out", when I simply stated a fact, on a post that was made. Security and privacy, are NOT the same thing on technical terms either. 
  • Once again, it's not in the main article but in commments where people are free to discuss, agree and disagree. You're simply going off on someone because they confused security with privacy and someone already responded to correct him.--with one sentence, not a rambling paragraph. You've stated your case and I responded. Nothing else to say on the matter.
    "and I stated the obvious, your trying to promote MS products"
    Yet the top post on the site is about Gmail's multiple calendars. Are we promoting them too?
  • Maybe your "missing" the point I was making. I only responded, by creating an account to this site, because it was one of your writers, that wrote that to a user. No where did I say it was on an article, so why repeat that? Making mention of promoting MS products was vaild, because in fact, that's what your doing on this site, right? Your love for MS and Windows Phone? Nothing wrong there, I could care less about Google or MS, I simply wanted to be clear, that there is NO security concern here, and that in fact, if you compare the two products, based on security, Gmail is stronger. Use the privacy fight cry if you wish, I wanted to state as a response, which I am allowed to do, the word security, shouldn't be used, as it will confuse many into thinking your data is at risk, when nothing could be further from the truth. Taking shot's at me doesn't help you or your readers in any way either. Thank you.
  • Pretty sure they cleared that up in the replies to that comment. And who trusts comments anyways...
  • What you mean I can't trust everything I read in the comments!!!????!!!! Holy hell!
  • Ads aren't the concern. Its one company logging sites you visit, contents of emails, files attached all other email accounts you use, you tubes you view etc it's all too much, and we never know whether it's truly ever removed from their databases.
    I liked googles services, but recently moved entirely to live due to this reason.
    It's also baseless to say that google had twice the security of hotmail. Both have great security.
  • WP is awesome, enough said.
  • I use Exchange for my .edu college eMails. Windows Live is by FAR better than the system they had before.
  • Google voice plug-in on the desktop is invaluable. Microsoft integrates that function into hotmail, I'll bite.
  • I'm guessing Skype/Live integration will be Microsoft's answer, but we have to wait and see once they get Skype out onto WP in the coming months or later this year.
  • Yeah, you beat me to it.  I could go all in on the MS ecosystem if not for the incomparable Google Voice benefits.  Now with Octotalk I could even make Gmail Voice Chat calls on my phone using only data too???  Nah, can't abandon Google.
    But, from my experience, the new Hotmail is fantastic and deserves serious consideration for those (like myself) that had it drilled into their heads by MS-haters that Gmail is the ONLY good webmail client.
  • Lol why would anyone do that? I would understand having both services (both which WP7 handles effortlessly, especially now that google fixed being unable to serach your email), but choose one over the other? Only on this site.... Especially considering Gmail is a superior service. The integration with their other Google services is excellent, and it was actually what helped Microsoft incorporate Skydrive into their Live services.
    So Google uses unidentifiable, 100% confidential data to show you the most relevant ads? Sue them. 
  • I've been a pretty big Microsoft guy for a while now, and my affinity for them continues to grow, but I'm not sure I can ever leave Gmail - especially now that I'm using Google Apps with my domain, but it would be hard even if I wasn't.
    Hotmail seems pretty good nowadays, but I'm so used to the fluidity of Gmail and its general approach to email that I'm not sure I could go back. Hotmail would have to offer a very significant advantage over Gmail for me to want to switch.
  • CAVX, I thought like you.
    Then I switched, by using.
    It's google apps but for live :) You will then get
    25gig instead of 1g for docs
    Nice photo store
    Simpler doc sharing
    Less privacy concerns
    GUI apps that sync seamlessly with cloud
    I even gave up Evernote for one note Add WP7 and lust for Windows 8 and life is wonderful :)
  • The only thing I think is better about Gmail.... Is that it looks good, hotmail looks old and out dated
  • That's not really true, hotmail interface is really impressive, its fast and its easier to manage (folders and rules, calendars) and it has a nice clear interface were you can almost drag and drop a lot of things around, google is just white and dull, and it was always hard for me to look for stuff and do changes, when I owned an Android, My contacts weren't syncing correctly most of the time, so I had to go to my gmail on my laptop to fix a few things, and I always had a hard time figuring out stuff.
    This is from my own personal experience, I don't know if gmail changed or improved since I left it.
  • I think Gmail and Hotmail are actually quite similar now. The whole minimalist style which I enjoy.
  • Am I the only one who mainly uses yahoo! mail still? lol I don't even bother with other mail
  • Yahoo still exists? ;-)
  • I just switched all my contacts, calendars, and email to Hotmail. It was painless...still surprised by how easy it was. 
    Thanks for posting!
  • Oh my! I have an iPod Touch and just put Hotmail on has native syncing with Hotmail Contacts and Calendar! I had to go through such a mess to set up Gmail Contacts and Calendar...that was painless. Can't believe I didn't switch to Hotmail sooner!
  • Where was this when I needed it, i switched to windows phone a year ago, I had a hard time migrating my Gmail contacts to my live account.
    However I am glad i switched to windows phone, Android didn't do it for me, I use almost all MS products and services (xbox live, SkyDrive,zune, office etc..) and I work for a Microsoft Partner which is a SharePoint/Office 365 shop, so now I am using SharePoint on my phone, outlook, lync, dynamic crm and the mobility partner app, all works great and smooth and, everyone in the office owns either an iPhone or and Android, and after seeing what my wp7 is capable off a lot of them were intimidated and some decided switching when there contracts ends.
  • I'm fine with Gmail. I love my WP. But don't don't feel to need to go all in with MS and its services. And besides, have enough email addresses to worry about
  • Excellent column. I've been migrating away from Google Services with a quickness. Live mail is already my primary webmail client. If not for my android HP tablet, I wouldn't have anything to do with Google.
  • I can't believe you need a hotmail account for messenger on windows phone. Shouldn't it be just windows live?
  • Windows live is considered hotmail. I have email addresses at both domains and when you open them on the PC they both say hotmail in the header. Go with whichever you prefer @live or @hotmail.
  • What a nightmare!
    3 simple steps.... not if you want to change your Live Id as well. I was using a gmail account as my Live login so thought "Wouldn't it be good to use a hotmail account?", and promptly created one. That's when the trouble starts...
    To use a different Windows Live Id on your phone, you have to reset it - so losing all installed applications, media, etc. etc. This wouldn't be so bad if there was a way to transfer purchased stuff - but I'd lose the several hundred apps I've bought, plus the video and music.
    I can remember laughing at a friend for ranting about how Apple prevented you from doing something similar. How foolish do I feel now that Microsoft have ****ed me in the same way.
    Nice one Microsoft. 
  • Microsoft definitely needs an easy way to change Live ID without some horrendous process. I know a few people who almost ditched Windows Phone over this when they were just getting started.
  • Apparently you can change your Zune associated Live Id.... if you have an Xbox 360!
    Microsoft obviously didn't consider that not everyone has (or indeed wants) an Xbox.
  • I've changed from Gmail to hotmail a while back. Why? My Gmail email account ceased to 'exist' for several days. How could something like that happen? I receive emails from important people about important things everyday and it decides not to let me log in? Sorry, there's just no excuse. Anyway, Hotmail provides that Outlook preview pane which is awesome once you get used to it.
  • I did the switch yesterday, but after retrieving a few thousand mails it stopped working. I could send from hotmail as gmail, but it stopped retriveving mails (could not connect to server) so I could not recieve mails :(
    Anyways now it is just forwarding, but I was wondering if google hadd shut down connections from Hotmail.
    Nyone else having issue with the process itself?
  • I did the same yesterday - left it dragging all my emails across overnight.
    Hotmail is still retrieving Gmail for me (famous last words!)
  • How about a step to transfer contacts?
  • I think red dawn is either co fused or there's a language barrier
  • Confused*