Tablo Dual just might be the next big thing in cord cutting

That internal storage is one of the most interesting additions to this new product from Tablo, because it overcomes one of the less consumer-friendly parts of getting rid of your cable box. While 64GB isn't a lot of storage, it's enough to start recording live TV shows without having to resort to your PC.

From a related press release:

Nuvyyo, makers of the Tablo DVR for cord cutters, today announced the launch of Tablo DUAL, its next-generation 2-Tuner OTA DVR. The first networked OTA DVR to include onboard storage, Tablo DUAL makes it easier than ever for cord cutters to discover, record and stream live broadcast programs from their HDTV antenna, right out of the box.Fully redesigned, with an even smaller form factor, Tablo DUAL adds space for up to 40 hours of HD recordings to the same easy-to-use live TV streaming and one-touch recording features of the original Tablo 2-Tuner OTA DVR. Cord cutters who want even more room to store their favorite broadcast TV shows and movies can simply connect a USB hard drive to boost the recording capacity up to 8TB.

The convenience of your old box


We've covered a number of products recently in this same vein, such as the HDHomeRun Connect and software services like Plex and Emby. Where the Tablo Dual out guns all of these options is allowing you to do everything you want on one box, in one app. If you need more storage to record your shows, just hook a USB hard drive up directly to the Tablo Dual. There's no PC required.

The dual tuners allow you to watch and record two different channels at once, all while streaming that TV content over your local network. By using the Tablo apps available on Windows 10 and Xbox One, you can watch TV in any room in your house with minimal fuss.

Included too with the Tablo Dual is a 30-day free trial of its optional TV guide data service and advanced features, including one-touch series recording and out-of-home streaming via Tablo Connect. After the 30-day trial, all this costs $4.99 a month, $49.99 yearly, or $149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

The Tablo Dual will be available from June 4 in the U.S. for $249.99 or via Tablo direct in Canada for CAD$329.99. Those of us who are not in North America we can't use it, unfortunately. That's a shame, but if you're in an area with good OTA TV coverage this might be one of the best things you can buy for your home.

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