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e3 2014

Microsoft's ExpertZone is a program within the company to help out knowledgeable retail sales staff. Those are the guys and gals who work at electronic retailers around the globe. ExpertZone is a place where those with a passion for Microsoft products can talk, learn and get rewarded.

Last week at E3 2014, over 300 lucky ExpertZone members had a chance to check out the Xbox booth after show floor hours. Guests were treated to food, drinks, and, of course, a whole lot of games. Here's a look at that event and what Microsoft does to give retail pros an edge in the workplace.

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We're still trying to take in the full range of ID@Xbox titles that Microsoft and third-parties showcased during E3 this week. The Xbox 360 has an impressive library of downloadable games already, but the Xbox One will surpass that library sooner rather than later once the games start releasing on a steadier schedule.

It's not only indie developers that have exciting downloadable Xbox One titles in the works. Even giants like Ubisoft have gotten in the fray. Ubisoft actually pushed Valiant Hearts: the Great War during their press conference and on the show floor, a sure sign of faith in the gorgeous World War I-era adventure. Valiant Hearts launches on Xbox One and Xbox 360 later this month. And a little farther off, Tetris Ultimate will arrive on both Xbox One and 360 in late summer. Check out both games' trailers after the break!

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Some of the Xbox games announced at E3 this week are a fair ways off – whether they're due this fall like the Halo: Master Chief Collection, or coming in 2015 or beyond as with Crackdown 3. But other games we see on the show floor will be arriving much sooner; the awesomely retro platformer 1001 Spikes not only graced the show but actually launched this week. We also caught wind of an impressive game that's due out at the end of the month: Sniper Elite III from UK-based Rebellion and publisher 505 Games.

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Xbox One Afterglow controller brings a rave to your hands

E3 2014 isn't just all about games. Accessory makers for the video game industry descend upon downtown Los Angeles to show off their latest wares. PDP is here showing off the latest entry for their Afterglow brand of products. PDP makes a few accessories for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 that you might have picked up at one point. Their TV mounting solution for Kinect on the Xbox One has been well received and is even sold at the Microsoft Store. Here's a quick tease of their upcoming Xbox One Afterglow controller.

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Electronic Arts announced a bevy of core games during its E3 press conference earlier today – check out our full write-up. But EA's sports franchises are just as popular as their core franchises. And EA Sports UFC will have a great deal of crossover appeal thanks to its impressive one-on-one fighting gameplay and amazingly lifelike graphics.

Although EA publishes games based on a variety of sports, the driving theme among all of their sports titles (especially the yearly entries to the core series) was emotion. New-gen consoles like the Xbox One will allow each game's characters to express greater emotion than ever before. These extra-emotive characters will populate FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, and EA Sports PGA Tour. Full impressions after the break!

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Following Microsoft's great Media Briefing this morning, Electronic Arts put on a press conference of its own. EA did a fine job with their conference last year, the highlight of which for me was the announcement of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Xbox consoles. Could this year's announcements hope to compete with that?

The 2014 presentation was handled by Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts CEO. Disappointingly we didn't get to hear from fan-favorite Peter Moore this year. But we did learn about a ton of incredible games, including Star Wars Battlefront, Dragon Age Inquisition, a new Mass Effect, The Sims 4, Mirror's Edge 2, Battlefield Hardline, and more. Full Impressions after the break!

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Today at E3 2014 among the other AAA announcements was a teaser trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game is a vast 'no man's land' open world title with players being trained to become an effective hunter. During the teasing trailer, viewers witnessed the hunt of a griffin, which was wounded enabling the character to follow tracks and finish off the kill. It's quite the gory RPG and will be one for those with tough stomachs.

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On the heels of the Xbox Media Briefing at E3, Microsoft has announced the details about Xbox One availability in India.

Xbox One will be available in India from September 23, 2014 starting at INR 39,990. Every Xbox One system will include the Xbox One console with a 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray player, and built-in Wi-Fi as well as one Xbox One Wireless Controller. There would also be a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members. 

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